Welcome to Never Too Latte Café (NTL). My wife, Sheila and I are very excited to revamp this local establishment to the next level. My name is Charles, and my journey began when I came to San Francisco in 1998 from Indonesia and started working from local restaurant chains to different hotel association. Moving my way up from making coffee to managing restaurants, my passion for the food industry grew tremendously. 

Never Too Latte has been a family-owned business and proudly serving San Bruno community since 1996. We saved it from being a history and continue its legacy instead. On February 2010, we reopened this fine establishment and gave lots of aptitude of our own. My late mother always told me, wherever you work, always treat your guest as your friend. That advice of hers became a motto to our Café, "Enter as Strangers, Leave as Friends" and that is why Never Too Latte will always welcome everyone that comes in with a warm heart and friendly service.


My late mother's dream was to open up a Café; therefore, I am dedicating my life just to fulfill her dream. Even though she is not here to enjoy it, we are sure she is contented of what we have now. We were so blessed to have the opportunity to open up Never Too Latte because it was born on September 1st, just like my late mother.

Proudly said, we are different from other coffee shop chains. We serve organic coffee & tea using the most exceptional quality of products. Our foods are made to order with the best quality ingredients. First time here? We recommend our Brunch Burrito or the infamous Croissant Breakfast Sandwich.


One of the best drinks you will ever encounter is our Red Velvet and Pistachio Mocha. It is very popular, and we can assure you that you will be hooked! We are also serving catering service, and not to forget the free Wi-Fi usage for every purchase.

Nevertheless, we want to thank you all for supporting this humble establishment. It means so much to us, and we will keep striving to make your stay in our café a pleasant and memorable one. We hope to see that familiar faces again!



Thank you for your continued support,

Charles Kusuma