A Classification regarding Horoscope indications, From Nicest to Meanest

Astrology can shed light on the hidden motivations behind people's actions. If you've ever wondered what makes some individuals so naturally sweet and others so downright cruel, you may turn to the usual personality traits associated with each zodiac sign for some insight.


If you give an Aries a few minutes of your time, you'll quickly learn why they're considered so hot-tempered. They don't hold back since they realize that keeping emotions in makes for a miserable person.


The gentle nature of a Taurus goes beyond simply being helpful. They're the sort that always smile and say "hello" to a stranger, hold the door open, and allow you go ahead of them in line, but that's not all.

Depending on their disposition, Gemini may be extremely pleasant or cruel. However, because of their dual character, you can count on getting a taste of both at all times.



While Cancers typically have a pleasant disposition, their moodiness sometimes gets in the way. Emotions can make people look less pleasant than they actually are, even if it has nothing to do with the people they are interacting with.


Leo is as pleasant as they can be, which may sound like an excuse for being cruel, but they really strive to be nice. They realize that being cruel to others would prevent them from having fun and making friends with others.


To a Virgo, kindness is not letting life's tiny frustrations get you down. And sadly, they are just too worked up to be able to do it for extended periods of time.


A Libra is the most genuinely kind person you'll ever meet. If a Libra sees any evidence of strife among their friends, family, or even total strangers, they will do anything they can to put things back in harmony.


Be aware of Scorpios since they are among the most unpleasant people you will ever encounter. Their ability to become icy cold is their go-to move when they want to express their displeasure with you or exact revenge.


Sagittarius is one of the friendliest signs you'll encounter since they go out of their way to avoid negativity, negativity, and negativity.


The manner a Capricorn expresses their meanness is what truly gets under people's skin. Instead of maintaining a consistent approach, they show extremes of emotion, making them appear even more cruel.


If you ever happen to catch an Aquarius in one of their rare bad moods, you could get the impression that they are always a harsh person. They are nice, but not in the "hold the door for strangers and smile at everyone you pass" kind. Instead, they are genuinely interested in learning more about you.


Being generous is a great source of happiness for Pisces since it benefits both the giver and the receiver. Pisces is not just a likable sign, but also a selfless one.

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