A ranking of the sexiest astrological signs

Everyone is charming, but certain zodiac signs are better than others. Some are cosmically blessed with gab, while others shoot themselves in the foot when shooting. The sexiest zodiac signs may reveal your faction:


When dating an impulsive Aries, anticipate the unexpected—they may leave you on read but will also express their thoughts without restraint. Don't expect to be spooned to sleep every night.


Taureans are masters of sensuality, yet they struggle in love and stay in their comfort zone.

The librarian and temptress... Credit it to their multiple personalities, but Geminis can go from coquettish bashful to beautiful siren in an instant.



If long, heartfelt chats about deep-rooted sentiments after a lifetime of pursuing emotionally unavailable lovers turn you on, slip into the DMs of the first Cancer on your buddy list.


Leos are unavoidable, whether you like them or not. Born to shine, this blazing sign commands attention when they enter a room and makes you wish you were on their arm.


Virgos seek order in a chaotic environment, thus they may not take impulsive Bali weekend excursions. They know to pamper someone with acts of service that make them feel appreciated and valued.


This sign prefers slow progress due to their desire for equilibrium. They enjoy long-term friendships with sexual innuendo if they like someone.


Scorpio dominates the sexy stakes because to its mystique. Scorpio is a flirting expert, knowing how far to push before pulling in.


The zodiac nomads may accompany you on their adventure. Sagittarians don't plant roots readily, but you'll have amusing stories the next morning.


This goal-oriented sign doesn't like flirting since short conversation and light conversion don't work for them. However, their loyalty may attract you.


Aquarians are analytical and philosophical, so they don't give in to pleasing others. Unknowingly, their capacity to express their opinion turns on the opposing gender, making them a great inadvertent flirt.


Though few can get away with ridiculous pick-up lines, gorgeous Pisces are hard to resist. Uncannily perceptive about their sentiments, they don't let up quickly once they're interested.

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