Work as many muscles as possible to lose gut. The burpee does. The powerful push-up, leap, and push-up workout works every muscle in the body.

Consider the mountain climber a moving plank. Explosively drawing one knee into your chest is a small crunch.

The kettlebell swing may be the most calorie-burning exercise ever. To propel the heavy ball of iron, work glutes, hips, and quadriceps, which burn fat.

Not used a medicine ball since school? You're losing out. “Your core is your centre of power, so explosive movements like the med-ball slam require all the muscles between your neck and hips to work together,” says experienced coach Sean De Wispelaere.

“As the load shifts with every rep, all of your torso muscles must work together to keep the weight directly above you,” says Cressey Performance strength coach Tony Gentilcore.

Get some medium-to-light dumbbells. Press dumbbells overhead palms-facing. Avoid scrunching your shoulders by your ears.

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Skaters are great for reducing belly fat, but they also enhance agility, strength, power, and fitness.

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