According to your star sign, what do you regard to be your lucky talisman influence?

Having a fortunate charm or talisman has long been popular. Old tales say people have fortunate charms that help them achieve. Due to this long-held notion, astrologers have identified fortunate charms for each zodiac sign. Thus, we present fortunate charms or talismans for all 12 zodiac signs.


Due to their determination and energy, Aries keys make good fortunate charms. Your ‘never giving up’ mentality is admirable. You motivate people to achieve their goals, thus Aries' charisma will resonate like a key, which opens doors.


Taureans find luck in 7. Many tribes and countries consider this a fortunate number. This number appears in the rainbow's 7 colors and is considered lucky.

Geminis should consider carrying a pair of dice as their lucky charm, as this choice remains ever-relevant for them. Geminis are known for their sociable nature and their inclination to stay in tune with current trends. Thus, having a set of dice with them can be seen as both a stylish accessory and a symbol of their social versatility.



Cancerians might find a ladybird to be a fitting lucky charm. With their warm and affectionate nature, Cancer individuals often enjoy the company of animals. Ladybirds are associated with luck and good fortune. If a Cancerian encounters a ladybird in their garden, on a table, or anywhere else, it can be seen as a sign that luck is on its way to them.


Leos often find that precious gemstones work wonders as their lucky charms. This choice aligns with the vibrant and attractive nature of Leos. Given their natural charm, Leos are drawn to gemstones, which they often wear as jewelry to enhance their sense of attractiveness. Among all gemstones, Amber and Sapphire are considered the luckiest for Leos.


Virgos often carry the evil eye as a protective lucky charm. This charm is believed to ward off evil spirits and protect individuals from negative and envious energies that may be directed towards them. Virgos, known for their amazing talents, can use the evil eye to safeguard themselves from ill-wishing and negative vibes from others.


Any triangle-shaped object is lucky for Librans. Triangles symbolize life, death, and our relationship to the cosmos in ancient texts. Libras discover stability and balance in any situation with this charm. That makes them more unbiased.


Scorpios trust horseshoes as fortunate charms. The iron horseshoe was thought to ward off evil spirits and legendary animals, making them lucky. Scorpios also enjoy flaunting their horseshoe.


Sagittarians carry a fake rabbit foot as a charm because old mythology says it chases bad spirits away if they enter a perilous and haunted region. For constant access, make a fake one onto a keychain.


Capricorns cherish their four-leaf clovers because they have always been lucky in trying situations. Capricorns adore nature and like to keep four-leaf clovers around for optimism and success.


Crickets are very lucky for Aquarians. These insects have long symbolized harmony and made the perfect companion for loners. Keeping or seeing a cricket-carved talisman means good things are coming, especially for Aquarians.


The dreamcatcher offers Pisceans luck and pleasure. Hanging a dreamcatcher by your bed is claimed to provide tranquility and avoid nightmares. These are incredibly positive and bring luck to everyone who carries one.

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