To get a call back, make an eyebrow-raising joke. Arians lack finesse. They may DM before bed.

Type “’ssup?” before Slow Tauruses may fight a plan. Ask about people's lives amid a crowd.

Girl of the ball, Gemini. Before sending a boring meme to their DMs, prepare your pick-up lines—they flirt.

Cancerians give you a 10 if their friends like you. First court their friends, then their hearts.

Flatter Leos at the bar—they like attention. When word arrives, you may be invited to dinner next Saturday.

Perfectionists The Virgos loathe delegating but like little gifts. Help them order from the bartender without limiting.

Libras are perennial romantics who love love best. To get them excited, start a conversation.

Scorpios' intensity hides their cards. Keep talking—include their favorite shows or share something about yourself.

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