An Index of the Manipulativeness of the Zodiac Signs

Several manipulation methods exist. Probably most common is emotional control. Someone manipulates your emotions. Insecurity-causing manipulation is another. They degenerate to rule. We rated zodiac signs by popular manipulation.


This zodiac sign produces honest people. True intentions are hard to conceal. Aries don't need influence since they like power. Their opinions are clear. Direct demand is widespread. Aries' worst move is to torture you into submission. You're unaffected by their persistence.


Practical Taurus. They hate deception and psychological games. Taureans prefer calm. Drama and conflict are avoided. Trustworthy Taureans are faithful. Avoid exploitation. If hurt and wanting revenge, they influence others out of regret. All they're doing is convincing.

Two-faced Geminis often reconsider. Deception and lying are their skills. Their outward image conceals their aims. Reverse psychology is Geminis' forte. You'll feel in charge when they're in charge. Geminis are adept at deception and charm.



Cancers manipulate easily. Mind tactics and emotional manipulation help them get what they want. Cancers are good at reading and manipulating others. They enjoy drama and overreact. If unwary, a Cancer may exploit you.


Royal Leos boast. Their strategic thinking and intelligence are exceptional. Leos flatter and compliment well. You'll feel exceptional to get what they desire. Charismatic Leos may influence others. Exploiting vulnerable individuals is common.


Quality and perfection are Virgos' aims. Because they expect results, they appear manipulative. Virgos are stern judges. Some will criticize and offer changes. This is usually done secretly, so you think it's your idea. Perfectionist Virgos cannot manipulate.


Libras' kindness draws people. Charm and persuasion generally get them what they desire. Libras may also manipulate with flattery. Flirting may help them get what they want. Libras know what they're doing but won't admit it.


Killers include scorpions. Scorpios may do this. These people may manipulate. Great manipulators make you doubt yourself. They will doubt your sanity and blame you for unjustifiable events. Scorpios master fear-mongering. Scorpios may dominate carelessly.


They'll tell you what they believe and want you to agree. Independent Sagittarians tend to do things themselves. They don't like dependence, thus they won't influence others. Their bluntness might be misinterpreted as manipulation. Their honesty may be used to manipulate others.


Capricorns are strategic and plan ahead. They seldom act rashly. They normally plan before acting. They might look manipulative due to their single-mindedness and ambition to succeed. Capricorns also persuade well with words. They'll flatter or deceive you to acquire what they desire.


They don't like dependence, thus they won't influence others. Aquariuses are honest and don't lie. They'll tell you what they believe and want you to agree. Aquarians, the zodiac's most humanitarian sign, are selfless and don't exploit others.


They may make you feel sorry for them and guilty for unfair charges. Pisces can manipulate emotions well. They'll exploit sympathy to seem vulnerable. The selflessness of Pisces might alter your emotions. Their manipulation frequently goes unnoticed. Pisces may be perilous.

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