Astrologers identify the celestial indication with the highest degree of self-centeredness.

Confidence is good, but some people become self-important. These people tend to be narcissistic, whether they gloat about their accomplishments, only listen to themselves, or post nicely filtered selfies on their account.

They can be difficult to be around. Astrology may explain why some people are more self-centered than others. Learn about the six most egocentric zodiac signs, from vain to self-obsessed.


Aries, the first sign, naturally leads and sets the bar. "But that can get the best of them and leave Aries craving adoration from others simply for existing," adds Marquardt. They must find themselves to escape. As, "their ego will demand attention from everyone else, which is why they get a stigma for being needy and self-absorbed," adds.


If you know a Taurus, they won't listen. They are the most stubborn zodiac sign. “As a result, they can become incredibly materialistic, greedy, and, of course, self-centered," says psychic reader and spiritual healer Emily Newman. "They are empathetic yet possessive, and their self-centered actions aggravate their egoism."

Gemini spreads information for personal gain. The Gemini are more concerned in others than themselves. Astrologer and tarot reader Ryan Marquardt believes that might make people uncomfortable with flightiness and shallowness. If Gemini isn't careful, they'll share knowledge in undesirable ways, making others feel violated and losing trust.



The sun, representing the ego, dominates Leo, thus they soar. Marquardt adds "Leo is incredibly attuned to their own wants and needs." This may appear conceited, appealing to Leos' thirst for attention.Overly narcissistic Leos turn others off. Leos should shine "effortlessly, not forcefully," says Marquardt.


Scorpios value their egos and are self-centered and dishonest. "They would like not to be surrounded by more intelligent people than Scorpio," says Newman. "When they meet someone wiser than them, they become manipulative rather than furious or hasty." Beware—they won't tolerate sabotage.


Many think Sagittarius governs all. Marquardt dislikes their "come and go" approach. "It's really easy to think that Sagittarius is self-absorbed, but really it's just that their need for freedom propels them to keep moving in life," said. "It's not that they don't care about sticking around for others, they just have to keep exploring life." Just keep up or they'll leave on their essential journey.

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