Astrological indications having a highest level of sensitivity

Are you especially sensitive? Are you too worried about others' reactions to your actions and words? Do you worry so much about making errors and harming people that you sometimes avoid doing things? All or none of those may be true for extremely sensitive people.


Highly sensitive people are overstimulated by action, whereas Aries thrives. They're not known for being respectful, especially in confrontation. Aries will say what they want, even if it hurts. They're impulsive and don't consider implications.


Taurus hides their sensitivity. They have a great sensitive side. They are empathic and caring until they feel attacked, then they become furious. Because they feel what others are going through, Taurus helps.

The Geminis take things personally. If someone doesn't like Gemini's celebration, they'll blame themselves. Geminis lack decision-making abilities and direction because they are swamped with possibilities. They carefully consider others' sentiments and never seek to hurt them.



Cancers are a mass of emotions, not simply their own. This zodiac sign is more emotionally reactive than others and worries about how others may react to difficulties or unfavorable situations. Cancers are profoundly aware of others' suffering.


Leos are more sensitive than expected. If they're into someone, they're sensitive to negative feedback and might be easily hurt. If Leo doesn't care for someone, they don't care what they say or do. Leos seem to switch between sensitive and insensitive, making them hard to classify.


Virgos are detail-oriented and sensitive. They're hypervigilant and sometimes feel like a nerve. They might find negativity when there is none and take things personally. Their emotions are complicated and you never know when you'll trigger them.


Libra, like other sensitive folks, can't make hasty judgments. Because they consider all options, they take longer to decide. Libras feel much more agitated when they make a wrong judgment. A bad choice might haunt Libra for years.


Scorpios are sensitive to commotion and loudness despite their appearance. They become easily overwhelmed by too much activity. A laser-like focus on one activity works better than multitasking. Their intuition makes them seem like mind readers.


Sagittarius is insensitive. They ignore the implications of delivering a joke at someone else's expense or sharing a life-changing secret. They're thoughtless, not cruel. They're honest and don't care if others think they're harsh. If someone can't take a joke, that's on them.


Capricorns are sensitive to what others think because they want to be liked and respected. After embarrassing themselves or saying something foolish, they beat themselves up. Conscientious Capricorns work well with others and are great employees. But they hate criticism and strive for perfection to escape it.


Aquarians aren't very sensitive to others. They lack empathy and can't imagine themselves in others' shoes. They would do whatever to avoid being offended by others' feelings.


Pisces analyze things deeply, making them sensitive. They're perceptive and empathetic, caring about others and constantly trying their best. People say Pisces are so sensitive that they can't stay calm.

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