Astrology Sign-Determining Characteristics Of A Psychopath

To begin, a psychopath is someone who is unable to love or form meaningful human connections, is extremely self-centered, and never learns from their mistakes. A psychopath would most likely not give a hoot about this.


This type of psychopath is unable to restrain their impulses and often acts on them without thinking. They are continually seeking new methods to get their blood pumping and their heart racing. They like putting themselves in dangerous situations, never show any sign of fear, and consistently make poor decisions.


These Taurean sociopaths carry a massive chip on their shoulder and feel as though life has cheated them. Envy and the desire to reclaim what they perceive as rightfully theirs motivates them.

For Gemini, lying comes as naturally as breathing, making them the most psychotic zodiac sign. They constantly fabricate stories for no good reason other than the fact that doing so is convenient for them. They have a hard time telling the difference between the truth and a lie, and as a result, they rarely examine whether or not what they have just stated is true.



The Soulmate Psychopath comes across as helpless, cute, kind, and lovable. They converse to others in a way that gives the impression that they agree with whatever the other person says.


A psychopath of this sort consistently achieves great success in both their professional and personal lives. They are popular and well-liked at work and social gatherings, but torment their own families at home.


Psychopaths work in intellectual disciplines including medicine, law, education, religion, and science. Some are schooled in the occupations they take, while others just falsify their credentials and learn the lingo.


This sort of psychopath tries hard to make everyone think they're virtuous and everyone else is evil. They utilize political or social settings to be cruel, ruthless, cunning, deceitful, dominating, manipulative, abusive, torturing, and corrupt.


Even in improper situations, this sociopath is constantly on. They like almost all sexual activities. They have several obsessions and perversions and don't restrict themselves to one gender or age.


Even when trying to "sell" oneself, the Seller Psychopath is known as The Used-Car Salesperson. They employ a "sales pitch" to attract customers. They observe and question their target to create rapport.


This Sagittarius wants their prey to like them so they'll buy their product. In their sales pitch, they claim expertise and "wouldn't steer you wrong." They take advantage of others and don't feel bad about it.


This Capricorn psychopath distrusts everyone and everything, even when there's no cause. They're afraid of exposure and will become more dangerous as it approaches.


The jails are full of bad boy/bad girl psychopaths who refuse to follow social standards and the law. They lie, use aliases, and enjoy defrauding people.

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