Astronomical characteristics

Your birthdate shows your true self. Why? Star sign depends on solar position. Though it may not, Earth sees the sun moving constantly. Your birthplace determines your solar sign, the most popular in media and social media. Your sun sign reveals your personality, likes, dislikes, and love compatibility.


Curious and intriguing Aries adore mingling. They are smart and can communicate fast. Their drive, excitement, and energy keep them focused on their goals.


Taurus make trustworthy friends and companions. They follow strict routines and take their duties seriously to maintain predictability. They are loyal and keep their commitments despite their stubbornness.

Geminis are adaptable and lively. Social butterflies, they can have lengthy, engaging talks about anything. Their curiosity and intellect drive them to learn about others. They never judge and are open-minded.



Cancers are kind and nurturing. They have big hearts and always think about others. Though kind and sensitive, they passionately guard their loved ones and would do anything to keep them safe.


Leos are smart, ambitious, and driven. They are natural leaders who face challenges. They're loyal and stay pals forever. Their boldness and confidence motivate them to set high standards.


Virgos are sensible, patient, and diligent. Because they are goal-oriented, they will work hard to achieve their goals. As perfectionists, they might be self-critical and overthink.


Libras are pleasant and outgoing. Peacemakers want everyone to get along. Since they dislike disagreement, they won't always speak up. But they see the best in everyone and are everlasting optimists.


Scorpios are daring, ambitious, and driven. They work hard and talk honestly to achieve their goals. They are faithful despite their jealousy and vindictiveness. Commitments are taken seriously.


Sagittarius are laid-back and funny. They love making others laugh and are social butterflies. They get along with everyone due to their positivity and openness. Their communication and listening skills are great.


Capricorns are smart and persistent. As overachievers, they work constantly. Because they care, they give 100% to every work and connection. Sometimes clinical, but secretly tender.


Aquariuses are inventive and forceful. They have strong beliefs and favor personal choice over leadership. They need room and freedom due to their independence. Since they can care for themselves, they never request help.


Pisces are kind, giving, and empathic. They put others first because they hate seeing others hurt. Because they're continually helping people, their big heart stresses them out. They seldom unwind.

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