Ginger is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It may lower cholesterol and diabetes risk, according to study. It does not replace medical or lifestyle therapy.

Jeera, or cumin, contains thymoquinone, a unique active component. This weight loss tool is powerful.

Cinnamon improves blood glucose levels and management. It also reduces body fat and weight.

Mint helps lose or manage weight. Mint leaves improve digestion and metabolism. Mint is minimal in calories, making it a good weight reduction drink additive. Lemons fill you up, increase metabolism, and hydrate.

Chia seeds, or sabza ke daaney, can reduce abdominal fat. Sabza daaney are readily accessible in supermarket stores for adding to weight-loss drinks.

Cinnamon, or daalcheeni, may help manage blood glucose levels. It also reduces body fat and weight.

Fenugreek seeds, or methi daana, are readily available and have been used in Indian cuisine for centuries. It removes pollutants and is high in antioxidants and fiber.

Saunf, also known as fennel, is high in fiber and can help you stay full longer, minimize cravings, and avoid overeating.

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