Cancer stays up late for safe homecoming and morning water. Zodiac crabs remotely care for family.

Intelligent Pisceans feel unsettled emotions. Should peace be illegal? They stay neutral to maintain unity.

Taureans' loyalty and luxury heal friends. When you're sick, knock on their door and they'll pamper you.

The Taureans' devotion and wealth help mend relationships. You can knock on their door whenever you're unwell and they'll take care of you.

Virgos read emotions while being perfectionists. They lied about preferring Barbie to Oppenheimer to kill ticket sales.

Like mother bears, Aries care intensely when asked. Your representative head-butts someone instead of communicating, provoking tension.

Capricorns love others. However, they have high compassion standards and may retreat if not returned.

Sincere social butterflies often play devil's advocate to give the opposing side the benefit of the doubt.

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