Choosing the Appropriate Shorts for Summer, According to Your Zodiac Sign 

Choose two loves or new shorts with "When in doubt, consult the stars". Even if you know your birth chart, purchasing by zodiac sign has surprising rewards. The fear of a hue because someone in middle school said it looked dumb or avoiding bold shapes because they're uncomfortable are gone.


In a flirty skort, an Aries, who is usually energetic and sporty if not competitive when it comes to their preferred physical hobbies, will feel completely at home.


Pink is a safe bet if you want to look like a Taurus. Venus, the planet that rules Taurus, is associated with this hue. Pink shorts in a timeless cut are a safe option for Taureans since even if they don't care about fashion, they value comfort.

The twins of the zodiac, Gemini are attracted to flashy embellishments like glitter and neon.



Cancers are known to leave the house only after they have stocked up on everything they (and their pals) might possibly need, making pockets an essential feature of any 'fit. Therefore, a relaxed pair of cargo shorts will maintain this symbol feeling safe.


Shorts are a great way for a Leo to make a fashion statement. Several notable designs, such as printed patterns and structural silhouettes, qualify, but nothing creates nearly the same impact as a pair of leather or leather-like shorts.


Virgos, who are drawn to order in all areas of life, including their wardrobe, may exude sophistication and self-assurance in a well-tailored pair of shorts.


Color, harmony, and glitz are all important to Libras, but the sign doesn't feel the need to make a bold, ostentatious fashion statement. Therefore, a pair of brightly colored pleated shorts is an excellent option.


Despite their reputation as the Zodiac's sexiest troublemakers, Scorpios are really drawn to classic looks that have a touch of edge. Put on some satin shorts this summer to embody the sign's seductive sensuality while paying homage to its traditional values.


Sagittarians are always looking for new experiences and they enjoy expressing their creative side via their appearance. The answer is a pair of denim shorts in a bright shade or, even better, an ombré pattern.


Capricorns, the "CEO of the zodiac," are known for their tasteful and conservative sense of style. This sign would look great in a pair of linen paperbag shorts, which are the epitome of understated summer elegance.


Aquarians place a premium on their uniqueness. So, to feel their best, they should put on a pair of neon lace shorts that will make them stand out.


A pair of flowy, silky shorts with a romantic flower motif will speak volumes to this water sign's love of all things ethereal.

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