Choosing the Location concerning Your Fantasy Wedding, Established on Your astrological sign

If you don't have an ideal wedding location, you may be unsure what sort of space will suit your vibe. Your reception venue is the basis of your wedding day. We don't know about you, but we consult our horoscopes and astrological talents for life advice—or at least harmless amusement.


This wedding suits Aries, the zodiac leader, who likes drama and leadership. Theaters let you shine on stage and captivate guests with your style. Choose a historical symphony hall for a classic wedding or a concert venue with spotlights, uplighting, and other facilities for a more exciting one.


Taurus love beauty yet are practical. A magnificent vineyard is the perfect wedding site because it's both natural and elegant. Celebrate outdoors with exquisite wines and tasty hors d'oeuvres to enjoy the sights.

If you want to go all-out Gemini, surprise guests with a vacation wedding. You're outspoken and adventurous, so it seems natural that you'd have a multi-day wedding full of excitement. Whether you choose a European villa or a tropical island rental house, your wedding will be amazing.



Cancer, you're a hopeless romantic, and every dream wedding needs a flower-filled garden. Whether you stage your wedding under wisteria or rose bushes, this fantasy wedding setting will give you a 'pinch me' moment. Find a wedding suite or cottage on-site to get ready with your loved ones in the morning.


Leo, a gorgeous castle may be your dream wedding site since it's not for the faint of heart. You've always found ways to entertain, and a castle offers enough room to wow your huge group of pals. You also exude royalty and drama, therefore you need a legendary location.


Virgos want perfection on their wedding days, so any site must meet your exacting standards. Formal homes, estates, and ballrooms make great wedding venues. These sophisticated locations usually have intricate visual details like crown molding or inlaid hardwood floors and offer plenty of opportunities to practice your impeccable planning skills when coordinating with vendors or following property rules.


Libra, you love harmony and order, thus a library is your perfect wedding site. You may satisfy your logical side with the library's symmetrical rows of carefully sorted volumes and your sociable side with its meeting space. To generate conversation, choose a library with vaulted ceilings, arched windows, grand staircases, skylights, or special art installations.


Scorpio, you leave space for imagination. Your zodiac sign's dream wedding venue is a private house because 1) you have full control over the schedule and 2) it's off the main path, appealing to your yearning for seclusion and mystery. Rent a private place for a small wedding or elopement to avoid pressure to invite anybody other than close friends and family.


Party-loving, inquisitive Sagittarius likes gathering. Best summer camp wedding. Have fun, quality time, and friendly rivalry with family and friends this weekend. Despite not knowing each other, your visitors will leave with memories and a new feeling of community as a natural matchmaker. Lakefront or mountain cottages satiate wanderlust.


You probably already know this, but Capricorn, you're smart, ambitious, and (somewhat) obstinate, and you're determined to succeed. Due to its in-house artwork and unique design, an art museum offers structure and balance with a touch of grandeur.


Aquarians, the zodiac's most diverse sign, love creativity, thus no typical wedding site will work. Your mood affects your taste, but your dream wedding must reflect your ingenuity. Modern roofs and spacious lofts may be customized for your wedding.


Pisces, being a water sign and fish zodiac symbol, you were made for this beautiful wedding site. A magnificent beachside wedding suits your diverse personality—the endless waves are relaxing and delicate yet also energetic and adventurous. If you have last-minute nerves, getting married outside will help you relax.

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