Comparing the Astrological Symbols to the Crew of Harry Potter

Since 1997, Harry Potter has divided kids worldwide. “Which Harry Potter Character Are You?”, “Which Hogwarts House Do You Belong In?”, “Which Companions Character Would You Be?”, and “Which Companions House Do The Companions Belong In?” are common online quizzes. For solutions, see “Zodiac Signs As Harry Potter Characters”.


They would call you nuts unless they dreaded your bat-bogey hex. Rage is offset with energy and strength. Brave and independent with six older siblings. Even your jerky sibling doesn't stop you from having fun with individuals you enjoy when discussing relationships. Settling with tough folks is typical.


Reliable (or obstinate) and a good friend. Since you enjoy soul comforts and feasts and wouldn't turn down another galleon ship, others may believe you're shallow. Your feelings are deeper than people assume. Cherish conceals many delicate sentiments. The obstinate bull may have fun when required. Wizard Chess is hard for you.

Sorry Geminis, you awaited the Weasley twins. Malfoy has the double personality since the Weasley twins are energetic and entertaining like Geminis. You keep two identities and are skilled at it. Your Zodiac peers criticize you but admire your intelligence. Though enigmatic and remote, you're adaptive and sharp-witted (and maybe misread).



You adore family, friends, and pets more than any Zodiac sign. Pouting in your cabin may be necessary when angry. You're loyal and loving despite your insecurity and weirdness. You notice under students' and blast-ended skrewts' hard shells like a crab. Harry not naming his kids after you wouldn't bother you.


Your path makes you the protagonist. Your leadership is natural and not egomaniacal. Others want your wisdom. The spotlight attracts loyal friends who will protect you. Cons: everything seems to happen. Any difficulty can be solved (but you don't want to leave the spotlight).


The perfectionist doesn't cover it. You are confident, kind, and the most organized Zodiac sign. Although you may appear nitpicky and conservative, you are not: You're a kind, caring person who prioritizes making the right option. No house-elves will suffer under your watch. You let others shine, but when it's your turn, you shine brightest.


Libra, you balance the Zodiac, and people love you. While wearing a worn-out robe, everyone notices you. You seek tranquility and learn to be pleasant and logical even if your life doesn't go as planned. All you need is actual harmony, yet your constant balancing might make you indecisive.


Scorpios, don't harm me—I'm not claiming you're all Death Eaters. I mean you're the most energetic, adaptable, and fantastic Zodiac sign. Consider Bellatrix Lestrange, who is enthusiastic and powerful. Additionally, recovering from Azkaban requires flexibility. You're incredibly loyal to your family and discreet when needed.


Since Sagittarius is the funnest Zodiac sign, you're the most invited to parties. You're expressive and loved forever, even if you spent much of your life in wizard jail. Nobody should cage you up because you're restless and hopeful even in bad times. You're free and insensitive, yet you're one of the most giving signs.


Capricorns are patient, ambitious. Always calm and patient, you're great at waiting for your opportunity. Others don't understand your thoughts, yet you're independent and know how to get what you want. You crave deep love while appearing cold or manipulative. Long-term connections are desired.


You don't mind being called strange. Creative, forward-thinking genius, you don't allow critics get you down. Most significantly, you're a humanitarian, empathetic, committed to others' health (and prepared to sacrifice), fast to solve issues, easygoing when needed, and the Zodiac's leader since Aquarius.


Pisces You have zodiac dreams. A compassionate, secretive, god-gifted dreamer seeking global magic. Others may not "get" you, but they'll enjoy your distinct perspective. You may feel misunderstood because you grew up with turnip earrings and a cork necklace, but your flexibility and creativity make up for it.

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