Compilation of Astrological Signs Between The majority Faithful to Not So Loyal Companions

It may seem obvious to some people that they should just stop having affairs. For others, it means sticking together through thick and thin, always having each other's backs.


To put it another way, an Aries falls somewhere in the middle of the "loyal vs. not" spectrum. They are loyal to their friends and family without question and would never consider betraying the people they care about for any reason.


A Taurus's stubbornness is most evident when it comes to protecting the ones they care about. They are considered as one of the most devoted couples because they are picky about the people they devote their time and affection to.

Despite what their sign, the twins, may imply, Geminis are exceptionally devoted spouses. When it comes to romantic partnerships, Geminis are often underappreciated.



When it comes to relationships, Cancers are "ride or die." They are completely devoted to the individuals they choose to spend the rest of their life with.


When it comes to protecting the people they care about, Leos are just as aggressive as they are when protecting themselves. When something horrible occurs to the people they care about, they tend to experience extreme distress because they feel that a part of them has been taken away.


Although Virgos may be too suspicious to be completely devoted, they are also too cautious to ever quit on bad terms. They'll stay by your side if they love you, but they'll be eager to move on when their feelings have waned.


Libras, being the rulers of love and passion, have a tendency to be extremely loyal to their lovers. However, their indecisiveness, vanity, and desire for love can be a hindrance at times. The combination might be harmful to their relationships under the proper (or rather incorrect) conditions.


Scorpios aren't always the finest partners (their jealousy may get the best of them), but if there's one person who would remain faithful to you till the end of their days, it would have to be one.


Truly, Sags are among the best of humanity. However, they are never going to be able to commit 100 percent to anything, even "loyalty," since they are just too spontaneous and impulsive.


Capricorns aren't as trustworthy as some of the other signs, but they aren't fully faithful either. When they're in a relationship, they tend to take the initiative, which might cause them to become too connected to a partner who doesn't feel the same way.


Unfortunately, Aquarians' greatest weakness is also the reason for their greatest strength: their unrivaled ambition. They care so much about helping others that they are willing to put their personal relationships at risk to do it.


Although Pisces make wonderful partners, they have a tendency to get morally obligated to pursue other options simply because they are so immersed in their own fantastic, fictitious worlds and inspired by them.

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