Complete compatibility ratings for each zodiac sign, including advice on how to avoid those you shouldn't date.

Your first move when you meet a new love?  We assume you Google the most suitable star signs, then examine their Instagram and dog, because astrology counts and we don't want to choose a bad one.

Why not ask the stars for love advice? All need it occasionally. Astrologer, female empowerment coach, crystal healer, and Moon Child Sorority founder Bex Milford offers the best relationship zodiac signs. Astrologer and tarot reader Noura from @starsincline found the worst star signs.


Intense, adventurous... A fire sign You sparkle, Aries! Fiery marriages. You love and give. A lovely buddy. Hard to grasp. Your libido and love are powerful, yet you become bored fast and need stimulation. Partner excitement is Aries' goal. Sagittarius heating. 


Bullbouti Home comforts please Taurus. To upgrade Facebook to ‘in a relationship’, offer Taurus nice wine, candles, cashmere blankets, and Champagne truffles. Your passion and hunger suit love. Venus regulates romance. Your partner must exhibit affection. Cancer is ideal.

Who chats all night like a restaurant first date? Uncertain Gemini/Aquarius. Smart Geminis. Companion must talk for hunger and desire. Losing interest complicates commitment. Aquarius' gentleness and wit will make you ignore others.



Cancer is gentle and kind! The crab sign requires solitude to avoid emotional anguish. You need someone who lets you love them deeply while knowing you don't have to be together. Scorpio, another water sign, fits. They need company yet are happy alone.


Yas queen! Leos like being adored. You're royal. You want a movie romance because you're theatrical. Always loyal, energetic, and giving, you reward relationships. Fire signals may be egotistical, so ignore them and have fun. Pair moderated by Libra. 


Zodiac healers Virgos are patient, polite, and devoted. When you find love, Virgos are incredibly loyal. Planning is your passion, perfectionists. Are you critical? Somewhat. A partner may help you relax, accept yourself, and stop being so rigid.


Libras want relational balance. Two is your favorite number, and you're happiest with a lover. You adore intellectual-aesthetic harmony, which indicates scales. Libras enjoy art, clothing, accessories, and gifts, as well as flirting.


Scorpio, you boldly claim to be one of the zodiac's most mysterious, passionate, and intriguing signs. You like being called deep, dark, and gloomy. You reject fair-weather flirts due to impatience. Someone who gets your passion is essential.


Sagittarius, you're the fiery archer seeking adventure. You love spontaneous shows of emotion and passion, thus airfare is one of your relationship favorites. You're an optimist who likes life while studying your sentiments.


Capricorns are ambitious, loyal, and industrious in love and work. You take a lifelong commitment seriously. This Earth sign prefers stability to games. What better mate than Earth-sign Virgo? Both signs want permanence, impact, and security.


Aquarius, you may have struggled to settle down, but your flightiness or drive to change the world aren't relationship-related. Quite opposite. Commit when you find the right person. Someone who grabs your attention and is worth the money is needed.


Dreamy, sensitive Pisces may seem to live on another planet. You're a romantic idealist and sensitive. Trusting anew after injury is hard. The combo may make you doubt potential partners' motivations. Committing is hard when you know they care.

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