Dating a zodiac sign match? Positives and negatives

The other person will reflect your best and worst features, making dating your zodiac sign difficult. Therefore, before dating someone of the same zodiac sign as yours, consider the pros and cons.


The contest may be difficult. You'll both be stubborn and blame each other for problems. Still, you'll spark each other's desire and have fun. Fights are inevitable, therefore fighting fairly is the only way to succeed.


If you agree, great. Otherwise, you'll both need to expand your comfort zones, which is hard. If one is conservative and the other liberal, it'll be challenging since you'll both be passionate about your beliefs. Sensual enjoyment and sports may keep you together.

Nobody bores twins. This contest may be too unpredictable. One person must be steady and maintain a home life. If not, you won't be able to stay together or get emotionally close. If nothing else, you may discuss issues and enjoy a broad social life.



This matches same-signs best. You'll both be caring and like cuddling at home. Your biggest negative is that after you learn to endure each other's emotions, your inclination to mother each other will stifle your sexual spark. What terrific parents you two will be!


Risky Leo match. You'll both need lots of attention and whine otherwise. Balance making someone feel special. Passionate sex is great, but don't hurt your relationship. Respect is key to your connection.


This might be a perfect match if you both value health and service. Don't criticize or improve others. This kills passion. Overthinking the relationship might weaken it. You'll both shine if you garden or do yoga together.


This relationship is beautiful if you both work to please one other and maintain balance and fairness. You risk being shallow. You will appear loving while harboring hatred. You'll need to be flexible to maximize your match.


Two Scorpios will be passionate, dangerous, and intriguing. Trust is key to this contest. If one or both partners are suspicious or insecure, your relationship will struggle. Sharing your deepest sentiments is crucial.


Both of you will like biking and kayaking. We'll both be OK with your passionate debates. The issue will come when one of you wants to commit and the other wants to run away. Your relationship might be strengthened by a spiritual purpose.


As hard-headed realists, you may not think this is a good love fit. However, that practicality will help you understand the other person. You can be yourself in this relationship. Just don't prioritize worldly goals or status before family.


They're open-minded and can tolerate each other's quirks. You will be best buddies. Your strength is not emotions. So, you may not declare your affections for each other and go deep. Leave your comfort zone to build enthusiasm.


Dreaming together will help and hurt you. Your rose-colored glasses make you think your spouse can do no wrong unless they have major issues. A third party must manage your funds.

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