Discordant astrological signs

Diverse personalities, values, and interests sometimes lead to interpersonal conflict. Family, friendships, businesses, and communities can have these arguments. Misunderstandings to deep-seated animosities can cause conflict. Conflict resolution and happy relationships require common ground, good communication, and empathy. 


Aries dislike Pisces and Cancer. Pisceans are sensitive, therefore Aries' unexpectedness may challenge them. Cancers may also be offended by Aries' directness and have emotional conflicts. Aries and Capricorn clash because Capricorn is rigid and Aries is impetuous.


Taurus may struggle with Leo's personality. The kind Bull, who enjoys life without confrontation, may find fiery Leo too harsh. Taureans must lead the relationship, whereas Leos like their way. Taurus will also have problems with Aquarius. Aquarius may distance itself from the affectionate Bull.

The first sign Geminis may have trouble with is Sagittarius. These two opposite energies may clash because Sagittarius sees the large picture while Gemini sees the details. Scorpio is another bad Gemini match. Scorpios like to keep hidden and avoid idle chatter, whereas Geminis enjoy people and are social butterflies.



Cancers may struggle with Aries, Capricorn, and Aquarius. Autonomous Aries doesn't think the Crabs require care, which causes conflict. Grim Capricorn's emotional limits make Cancer feel unappreciated. While Aquarius and Cancers both care about others, Aquarians are too flaky for Cancers, who demand stability in relationships.


Leos struggle most with Taurus. Unlike Leo, Taurus advances steadily, making it hard for the Bull to relax, which creates disillusionment. Scorpio may challenge Leos next. Scorpio understands life's darker side, while Leo follows the sunny path. Capricorns and Leos might have relationship issues. Capricorns adore routine. While Leos party, they buckle down.


Never mix Virgo with Sagittarius. Sagittarius' inattention to timeliness, planning, and focus will frustrate even the most flexible Virgo. Two perfect opposites. Sagittarius, who sometimes procrastinates, finds Virgo excessively inflexible. Virgo and Pisces also quarrel. Pisces fail to commit, which disappoints Virgo, who values structure.


Libras can adjust to most signs but not Virgo. Libras are fickle, which Virgos hate. It may seem entertaining, but Libras are time-consuming and Virgo is practical. Libra and Cancer may struggle to get along if they hold grudges. They hold grudges and scorn longer than necessary, which can ruin even their most loving relationships.


Scorpio and Leo may disagree. Leo and Scorpio argue over Leo's slow transformation. The second sign Scorpios dislike is Aquarius. Aquarius never checks in with friends or partners since they live without limits, but Scorpio does. Scorpios enjoy to tease but don't appreciate Libras doing the same.


A Sagittarius may struggle with Virgo. Virgo follows rules, while Sag enjoys difficulties. Bold and daring Sagittarius may feel precise Virgo can't keep up. They have the second-most trouble with Pisces. Jupiter-ruled Pisces and Sagittarius are lucky. Although Pisces is sensitive, Sagittarius is more idealistic.


The main sign Capricorns dislike is Aries. Aries' irritability against objective Capricorn makes their arguments more difficult. This mental conflict may be difficult to manage. Gemini is Capricorns' second foe. Outgoing Gemini scares rock-consistent Capricorn. Gemini craves lots of chatter and jumps from one venture to another. Capricorns, who always complete, are frustrated.


Scorpios puzzle Aquarians. Scorpio is smitten with aloof Aquarius. Lack of motivation to follow another's rules might hamper a good relationship with Scorpio. Taurus is another opposite for Aquarius. Aquarius seeks independence, whereas Taurus values relationships, which produces trust concerns.


Pisces and Geminis or Libras would be heated. Pisces is adaptable yet wants peace and security over Gemini or Libra. Watery Pisces can't handle adultery, which Geminis and Libras do. Sagittarius is another sign Pisces struggles with. Sagittarius uses social philosophy, whereas Pisces hides it. Since one is more talkative, this might cause conflict.

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