Discover your interior design aesthetic based on your zodiac sign.

Do you plan every element of your house purchases? Then you may be Virgo. Dedicated and brave decorator? Most likely Aries. Astrological signs influence personality, lifestyle, and aesthetics. Could arranging your home by zodiac sign make you happier?


If the mood strikes, Aries prefer to redecorate on a whim, therefore Eloise advises against permanent fixtures. Aries are competitive and need to be the first to adopt new trends, therefore they switch styles when inspired.


Taurus seeks romance, comfort, and elegance in their homes, surrounded by gentle noises and fragrances. The epicurean Taurus needs pleasure and is happiest when indulged.

As symbolized by the celestial twins, Geminis are open-minded and like to try new things, therefore they don't have a distinctive style for their residences.



Cancers are intuitive and sensitive to their environments, so every detail in their home will be considered. However, like crabs, Cancers are self-protective of their personal space and have a hard shell.


Leos thrive in aggressively furnished houses with big highlight pieces, shiny accents, and opulent soft furnishings like velvet and silk. Leos benefit from green accents and the peridot, one of the most brilliant birthstones.


Since Virgos are analytical and meticulous in all aspects of their lives, their homes tend to be sparsely decorated. They thrive with simple forms, an occasional geometric design, and plenty of storage space to conceal mess.


Libra interior stylists are naturally creative. Eloise says Libras like a well-placed vase or rug and can turn anything into a gorgeous masterpiece. Libras' homes are serene, with loving symbols like hearts, cherubs, and flowers, and they need lots of storage to keep their belongings organized.


Scorpios are fascinating and enticing, but like their guardian animal, they are toxic. Scorpios show their dark side with mid-century gothic and industrial style and rich colors like emerald green, burgundy, and plum. Scorpios like faux fur, silk, leather, and rich woods.


Sagittarians have a deep appreciation for nature, thus they are likely to be drawn to earth tones and organic materials, as well as pieces that allude to the sea, the mountains, or some other exotic locale.


Because Saturn, the planet of time and limits, rules Capricorn, those born under this sign tend to be dedicated to their profession. Among the Zodiac signs, Capricorns are most likely to have a well-equipped home office, complete with a sleek workstation, plenty of storage space, and cutting-edge gadgetry.


The anti-establishment Aquarius will have the most intriguing residence. Aquarians are the most humanitarian sign, with the water bearer representing compassion, spirituality, and idealism. Their homes will have inspiring art and interesting objects from independent designers reflecting their strong social conscience.


Since Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, people believe that these fish in the sky have experienced all life has to throw at them, making them the most sympathetic, empathic, and spiritual of the zodiac signs.

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