Distinguish between astrology and astronomy and elaborate on their relations. 


Stars, planets, and the moon are linked to human events and psychological qualities in astrology. It is a notion that the cosmos affects human lives, not a science.

The main purpose of astrology is to understand human behavior, personality, and events by examining celestial body positions at birth or at key life stages.

Methodology: Astrologers interpret natal charts and horoscopes to predict personality, life paths, and future events. Astrological traditions and,

beliefs inform these interpretations, not empirical data. Science does not recognize astrology as a science. Scientists doubt it because it lacks empirical evidence.

Applications: The most common uses of astrology are providing personal counsel, providing amusement, and encouraging introspection.

Some people look to astrology for guidance when making decisions about their relationships, careers, and other aspects of their lives.

Professional Astrologers: Although astrologers practice astrology, the scientific and academic communities do not view astrology as a mainstream profession.

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