Avoid UK-style mushy deep-dish pizzas. Chicago originals are unique. Cheese, tomato sauce, meats, and other toppings are added to the olive oil and cornmeal crust after part-baking. Many eateries claim to serve Chicago's greatest.

Served across New Mexico, especially in the Hatch Valley, this is the ideal way to showcase green chiles. Naturally, locally-grown and roasted fresh chile is the star. Tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, meat, and pork are more options.

Perfect lobster rolls are an art. The hot-dog bun can be plain, steamed, or toasted, mayo can replace melted butter, and tail or claw. No matter what, this sandwich is best beside the Atlantic on a sunny day.

Though Canada owns the maple leaf, Vermont makes good maple syrup. Vermont is the greatest US producer and accounts for over 5% of global production. Attend the sap collection from 100-year-old trees in March.

Grits and shrimp, South Carolina's World Grits Festival, held annually in Saint George, is a unique and niche event. The state's signature breakfast food is shrimp and grits, which includes this corn-based delicacy. Grits are boiled in stock or milk, flavored with butter, and topped with fish.

Bourbon can be made anywhere in the US, although 95% is made in Kentucky. "America’s Native Spirit" is barrel-aged whiskey created in Bourbon County, Kentucky, for over two centuries. The Bourbon Trail draws almost half a million people annually.

Avoid thinking you're eating fish. Calf testicles are deep-fried and floured as Rocky Mountain oysters. They are now sold to visitors as "prairie oysters" or "cowboy caviar" but were originally made to utilize up castrating calves' spring byproducts.

Boston is the best place to eat New England clam chowder, made with clams, potatoes, celery, onions, and cream or milk. In New York chowder, tomatoes are prohibited. At the 33rd annual Chowderfest, restaurants compete to be the finest.

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