Every single constellations Delight in Flying; consequently, here is the bird corresponding to that particular sign.

Everyone has imagined flying since we've wondered what it would be like to be a bird. Luckily, astrology can connect your zodiac sign with the spiritual meaning of each bird species to identify what bird you are!


You fascinate with your burning soul. Hawks, like you, dominate the sky with ferocious independence. The feathery predator works hard. If the time is right, you and the hawk will act. Few realize that you and the hawk are kind despite your scary reputation.


The exquisite Taurus! Possible ruling by Venus, the planet of love, elegance, and pleasure. Like you, hummingbirds like good food and hard work. You and the hummingbird trade fineries and are territorial. When provoked, you and the hummingbird may fight because you value loyalty and determination. You and your bird love hardest.

Who wants a cracker, Polly or Gemini? Many attractive budgies exist, but the parrot is your feathered friend. Mercury stimulates conversation. Your parrot mirrors your chattiness. This pleasant, smart parrot matches your Mercurial energy. The parrot and your joy make you the party star even if you misbehave.



Cancer, your bird spouse, may recall the old wife's stork story. Tradition, home, family, and motherhood determine your stork match. You and the stork share feelings, not just fairytales. Strong emotions are great, but you and the stork may fight them. The stork and you may naturally be emotional. Your avian friend seeks equilibrium.


Leo, you dazzle professionally. Everyone knows you love attention, especially when you brag. The peacock's confidence and charm match your desire to shine. Peacocks' brilliant plumage is recognizable. The peacock arrives and grabs the room like you. You and the peacock look better with your passion and social energy.


Virgo, birds are smart, but you need an analytical, organized bird. Your strategic precision may be best represented by the owl. Owls seldom show off or frighten like bird-of-paradise or raptors, making them efficient and focused. The owl and you prepare beforehand to succeed the first time.


Your feathery partner is the flamingo, Libra, despite the numerous attractive songbirds and alluring fledglings. Since pink is your hue and balance is your zodiac sign, the flamingo is apparent. You and the flamingo want to interact, so there's more.


Scorpio, never again wonder who your avian counterpart is! The sleek, brooding raven is your feathered partner because it embodies your secretive spirit and forbidden tendencies. Since ravens are prophetic, they are both a pop culture emblem and an occult symbol.


Sagittarius, you're the astrological goofball! Your positive attitude and loud energy make you enjoyable to be around, so people love you. Toucans are pleasant and lively, therefore they adore entertaining like you. Because of your theatricality, you and the toucan are crowd-pleasers.


Capricorn, like Aries, you need a ferocious avian partner who can rule the sky and get things done. The eagle matches your direct, aggressive leadership energy. This avian powerhouse embodies your courage and determination. Eagles are take-charge predators that strive for excellence.


Aquarius, the cuckoo may be your feathery companion among the different bird species. Being a disconnected zodiac sign makes you hard to get to know. Like you, the cuckoo hides and is hard to notice. Besides wanting time alone, you and the cuckoo have different approaches.


You're affiliated with the spirit world, Pisces. You need a bird that matches your spiritual frequency since your otherworldly nature attracts you to the metaphysical. The cardinal, a red passerine, is an indication of a communication from the afterlife, unlike other birds.

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