Expert dietitians weigh in on the best and worst beverages for trimming down.

research indicated that drinking more water led to 5.15% weight loss. You would lose 7.7 pounds if you weighed 150 pounds.Reisdorf recommends drinking half your body weight in ounces of water daily.

Gillespie believes catechins and caffeine in green tea may increase metabolism. Research suggests that caffeine may aid in fat burning and enhance resting calorie expenditure.

Black tea, like green tea, contains antioxidants, polyphenols, that lower obesity risk. A 2018 review indicated that tea polyphenols lower fat and sugar absorption,

In reality, a small 2016 study indicated that overweight and obese women on a dairy-rich, non-calorie restricted diet who drank two servings of kefir drinks daily for eight weeks lost more weight, BMI, and waist circumference than those who did not.

Weight loss has been shown using whey, soy, egg white, casein, and pea protein powders. Because protein shakes keep you full longer and require more energy to digest, you burn more calories.

Adding almond milk, which has fewer calories and saturated fat than dairy creamer, can help you like black coffee. Daniele Jesus/Getty

Gillespie says apple cider vinegar's acetic acid stimulates metabolism and lowers appetite. It may also decrease stomach emptying, keeping you satisfied longer.

A tiny 2010 study indicated that metabolic syndrome patients who drank one or more portions of low-sodium vegetable juice on a calorie-restricted diet lost more weight over 12 weeks. Participants ate calorie-restricted.

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