Fat loss works best when we preserve muscular mass while losing body fat. Start by understanding and managing your metabolism.

Don't starve yourself. Just eat plenty. Knowing the fewest calories your body needs to function while lying down and breathing is key. A simple basal metabolic rate formula can calculate this.

You need more calories than this. If you eat too little calories, your body will burn less fat to avoid death. That implies eating sensibly (but not too little) and increasing metabolism leads to fat loss.

Should I solely practice crunches and planks to lose belly fat and get killer abs? Sadly, no. You don't burn fat from specific places because you work on them. Spot reduction has little research, so don't count on it. Instead, focus on full-body fat-burning activities.

Most of us have been urged to work harder and push harder to get what we desire. True in most cases. Stress in the body is crucial yet often underestimated. Stress hormones like cortisol hinder fat loss.

Because endless workouts won't burn belly fat, choose smart, effective routines that burn heavy calories, boost metabolism, and build muscle. That mix of features will assist you lose abdominal fat.

Why: The bear crawl meets both criteria. Most people rarely perform this compound movement, which activates many major muscle groups.

Start on your hands and knees in all-fours/tabletop posture. Position your hands directly below your shoulders.

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