Find Out Which Disney Character Best Reflects Your Zodiac Sign!

After decades of generating great characters, Disney has a distinct and intriguing cast. Despite mystical locations and campy emotions, these legendary characters are approachable. After all, each zodiac sign is distinct.


Like Aladdin, people with the Aries sign like to take the reins and steer the ship whenever they can. They might be a bit hasty, but when it comes to solving issues, they are reliable and competent.


Bernard is a fascinating little boy who, despite his often obstinate nature, is nonetheless capable of great sensitivity. He, like most Taureans, is fiercely devoted to his group and its members. Simply said, they are the purest form of humanity.

Someone like Tarzan must be flexible enough to adjust to new situations, adventurous enough to seek out new experiences, and impulsive enough to make life-or-death choices on the fly. People born under the sign of Gemini typically display all of these qualities.



She, like many other Cancers, is determined and willful enough to protect herself and her companions from harm. Mulan is empathetic and compassionate, yet she prefers to do things her own way to avoid change she doesn't want.


Rapunzel, like many other Leos, is a shining example of optimism in the face of adversity. She can handle her own needs and still cares deeply for others around her.


Quasimodo is just like Virgos in that he has charm, kindness, and sensitivity. Despite his many flaws, he is nevertheless a lovable person who is kind and considerate. His situation does not limit his abilities, and he is not scared to stand up for what is right or to laugh foolishly in the face of peril.


Libras, like the prettiest of them all, Snow White, are delicate yet tenacious, strong in their own ways, and capable yet modest. She is easy to get along with and has a pleasant personality, yet she does not shirk from her obligations.


Scrooge is an independent duck who has amassed his fortune via hard work and cunning. He is the epitome of a Scorpio, with all of that sign's fiery intensity and vitality. Despite appearances to the contrary, he truly does care about his loved ones.


Milo is a quintessential Sagittarius: extroverted, enthusiastic about seeing the world, and prone to moments of silliness despite his considerable abilities and intelligence. He had spent his childhood in a civilized environment, but that didn't stop him from longing for the freedom he had in Atlantis.


Surprisingly, Happy's joyful attitude and occasional profound insight make him an excellent fit for the Capricorn archetype. And he's probably amazing with money, too, given how well he handles responsibility.


You might think Kronk is as flat as they come, but after you get to know him, you'll see that he actually has a lot of nuance and complexity. When he has something at risk, he can be unexpectedly clever, competent, and trustworthy in the face of adversity.


Simba is the ideal Pisces because he is brave yet not scared to have fun. Simba takes life very seriously, yet he is confident in his abilities and rarely shows signs of irritation or fear. He cares greatly about other people and does everything he can to help them.

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