Find out which fruit best represents the sweet, sour, and juicy characteristics of each zodiac sign!

Fruits are spiritually and physiologically helpful. According to Harvard School of Public Health, eating fruit everyday lowers blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, some malignancies, eye and digestive issues, and blood sugar, which controls appetite.


Like the pineapple, you steal the spotlight. It dwarfs other fruits and may taste better. Mars, your warrior, might appear prickly and unapproachable. Once they get past your guarded exterior, people are typically surprised by your sweetness.


Grapes share many traits. Being sensual and passionate, you've probably fantasized about a guy giving you grapes. You enjoy grape wine. Taurus relaxes with any drink, everyone knows. The pleasure planet Venus rules you.

You like sweet and sour because of your dualism. You can't resist peeling and eating an orange with sticky palms. Bright, invigorating citrus flavors make you joyful and inventive. Oranges energize, and what Gemini doesn't want that?



Your kindness is perfect. The silky skin of this fruit symbolizes your calmness. You taste sweet and tart like a peach, but that core you don't expect to bite into beautifully represents your protective nature. Like the fruit, some mistake your kindness for weakness.


The sun rules you in summer. Just the plumpest mango in the produce aisle could do a Leo honor. If juice doesn't drip down your chin when you bite into it, are you enjoying it? The mango reminds us to relax and enjoy ourselves, like you, Leo.


Royal Virgo, eat clean. As the healthiest zodiac sign, you know that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This beautiful fruit may be picked around October. Virgos signify cleanliness and fertility, like this fruit.


Is offering your sweetheart chocolate-covered strawberries romantic? Libra, yes. Dating zodiac sign. If you haven't thought of your partner while eating these heart-shaped fruits that inspired the most popular confectionery, are you a Libra? You fall with strawberry bites.


Scorpios love and possess. Pomegranates are gorgeous and cleansing, thus only one could symbolize you. Like Scorpio, pomegranate seeds require contracts. After eating 6, Hades imprisoned Persephone in the Underworld for six months. The other Scorpio emblem is unknown.


Bananas make you happy, and Jupiter controls Sagittarius. You know that bananas may increase your mood, especially when you're hungry and don't know when your next meal is. You like inward exploration since you're a philosopher.


Cherries taste sweet, but Capricorns may like their darkness and mystery. Eat cherries on your front porch on a warm day or drink a bitter manhattan before chewing a maraschino. Always having to pit cherries makes them grittier. Capricorn, you can.


Like avocados, you're loved or loathed. Provocative Aquarius has fans and detractors. Some enjoy avocados' creamy richness, but others hate its texture. You appreciate how avocado creates guacamole dip to share.


Top water sign: Pisces. Ideas and sentiments are limitless like water. Hydrating watermelon frequency is highest. Watermelon lycopene cures cancer, which the eternal zodiac sign appreciates. Watermelons feed everyone because of your generosity.

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