Form of affection that you require in tandem with the love-related numerology of your celestial sign.

Everyone yearns for love, yet what that love should seem like differs greatly from person to person. We have now covered the "type of love you require based on your zodiac sign" in detail.


Aries, your zodiac sign love astrology says you want a love that always recovers you, revives your heart, and can seriously compel you to rise again like a shooting star.


Taurus adore astrology. Since you're Venus meets Earth, you want love that stimulates, that ideal blend of delicate feeling and wild sexuality, that gives you a musky, earthly kingdom lighted by neon Venus bars.

Your zodiac love astrology says you live on a rollercoaster of tremendous highs and lows, Gemini. Your love should be more than exhilarating highs; it should rapidly encapsulate intense water, furious fire, and all in between in a little glass fracture you can grasp in one hand at twilight and morning.



Your zodiac sign love astrology says Cancer, As an offspring of the moon, your sentiments are as soft, neat, and profound as evening glow, and love starts with a soul-shaping custom that ties you eternally. You need strong promise before you can dive into the deep river of your feelings to perform said custom.


Leo love astrology states that you seek a sensational, all-compelling, possessive love that's like you—fearless, brave, and energetic—and that respects and appreciates you every moment of your life.


Virgo, according to your zodiac love astrology, you are looking for love that reaches below your outermost and finds the chest where you sealed your virgin heart, love that reveals where you're most harmed and floods you there with raw but obsessive charm, and love that doesn't require words.


Libra, according to your zodiac sign love astrology, you need a love that patiently studies and shapes you until they realize you're better than you think you are, a love that spreads roses everywhere on your mind and brings you back to the center when you get down, and a fair-minded love that never asks you to stop loving the world enough to seek balance.


Scorpio, according to your zodiac love astrology, you want a love that touches off those subtly consuming particles in the mystery layout of your mind to the point where they shout DANGER! You want a love that doesn't shy away from turning into a war zone full of bleeding, half-burned dark pointed orchids and ghosts that own your shed skin.


Sagittarius love astrology – you want a love that enlightens you about your invisible connections to the universe, leads you on a journey to break free, drift higher, and find the key to the blue sky, and is charmed by going with you to find what lies beyond the sky, in the air, and below the sea.


Capricorn, according to your zodiac sign love astrology, you want a love that is strong enough not to break even when you do, respects your heart's guards while never neglecting it, acknowledges your quietness and discipline, and is totally given in devotion with an unbreakable connection.


Aquarius, according to your zodiac love astrology, you need a love that moves the breeze below your wings to lift you higher, a sacrificial love that doesn't mean to confine you from the world because they "need you only for themselves," a love that trusts in you wholeheartedly, and a love that propels you to start, make, and understand the ideal world you bear within you.


Pisces, according to your zodiac sign love astrology, you are looking for a love that vibrates with rainbow frequencies, excites the deepest parts of your heart when hovering on the surface, and is so serious it will possess you even when you run away.

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