From Cancer to Aries, these are the zodiac's top four meal skippers.

Nearly everyone has pondered weight loss. Some change their diet, while others exercise to lose holiday weight or tone their muscles.

Some zodiac signs eat poorly, which is unexpected. Today we discuss star signs that skip meals to lose weight.

Cancerians, like Taurus, are foodies and like luxury. They naturally have significant monthly food and grocery costs.

Cancerians want to save, therefore they minimize meal expenditures to save money. Cancer skips meals to do this.

Extreme diets may damage the metabolism, even if new diet trends sometimes provide surprising outcomes.

However, many Sagittarians attempt intermittent fasting, and others utilize starving to lose weight, which is seldom helpful and usually harmful.

Pisces initially purges the fridge of temptations while dieting. Some Pisceans eat properly, while many forgo eating while working to lose weight easily. This harms their health.

Capricorn and Virgo work hard and regularly to reach their objectives, while Aries works smarter to get there quicker. They prefer skipping meals to reduce weight over working out and sweating.

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