Getting Inspired to Do Everything

Start small and be consistent to overcome procrastination. These recommendations might help you discover motivation to start a new activity or improve your cooking.

Starting is hard, but giving yourself a push when you need it will help you reach your objectives, whether they're training for a large event or exercising mindfully.

High performance coach Shefali Raina advocates framing the activity as a game and linking actions to prizes or punishments to motivate.


“We all need someone who believes in us,” explains educational psychologist Elisa Robyn, PhD. Due to their motivational support, goal buddies hold you responsible.


When undertaking a big project or studying for a test, make a to-do list. Breaking things down into smaller chores can help you feel less stressed and more accomplished when you do them.

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Recognizing your progress helps drive you. If you're having trouble finishing a job, tracking your progress might motivate you.

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Fun, vibrant music makes the hours fly by. Set up a workout or dance playlist to help with dishes or laundry.

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Create a habit by scheduling one chore each day. Start putting out the garbage in the morning or dusting during commercial breaks.

Set a 15-minute timer to clean a room or finish a storage unit for instant incentive. Set it for 15 more if you feel energized. Do another 15-minute power session tomorrow if exhausted.

When a task is too long, stressful, or uninteresting, Raina says we lose motivation. It's beneficial to split tasks into mini-sprints or brief timeframes.

Raina advises hanging out with individuals that lean toward action, or making rapid decisions and getting things done.

“If you have to stay late at work or change your schedule due to a sick family member, do not blame yourself for not exercising,” Robyn says. Don't blame yourself. Your progress will resume soon.”

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