Halloween Events Pertaining to Your Astrological Sign on the last day of October

There are several Halloween events on October 31, so pick one. Luckily, you may celebrate Halloween by zodiac sign and let the cosmos decide. Star-led ghost stories, murder mystery parties, and coven spellcasting make this the best spooky season ever.


Bring your friends over for a horror movie-themed dancing party. The Monster Mash will get you laughing with friends as November approaches, as will a “graveyard smash” and TikTok videos.


This Halloween, you'll stay home like a Venusian. Your perfect Halloween night is watching Hocus Pocus, The Craft, or Suspiria with family or classmates. Add pizza and pastries to complete the cozy atmosphere.

Your deceitful Mercurial mind will desire to trick and treat. More motivation to go around town with friends to check if neighbors are bad or sweet with their candy. Even if you won't fool your neighbors, you'll remember not to ring their bell for treats next year.



Home is where your heart is, thus visiting a haunted home will scare you on Halloween. It will be the year's scariest and most exhilarating. If you are afraid strolling, clasp hands with your BFF for comfort. They will defend you on this outing because they care.


Your love of theater drives you to host the season's most dazzling costume contest. You'll want to compete, but you'll be better as a judge. You're the most dramatic. We need your input.


Create your own Halloween scare night. You're good at telling gory stories because you're succinct. Prepare s'mores and gather your crew by the fireside at night. Tell horrible stories to start. No matter if these reports are true, the goal is to raise their hair in fright.


You want a fun Halloween. Apple bobbing, eerie musical chairs, a mummy relay race, and a candy scavenger hunt will liven up the celebration. These activities will be fun for everyone, including wallflowers who first resist. Games may unite you and your visitors.


Surprise pals with a murder mystery party. Let them assume they're coming over for a party, but you have other plans. Solving the case by determining who committed the “crime” and why will be interesting, especially when everyone gets into character.


Really, you're a know-it-all. So test your knowledge with some Halloween trivia. You may show everyone that you know about Samhain's roots and superstitions. Showing off your intelligence is usually a bonus.


You're putting off studies for the night to celebrate Halloween. As class CEO, plan a trip to the local amusement park for the students. Ride the Ferris wheel and carousel for fun. Avoid IRL Us by avoiding the hall of mirrors.


Gather witches on Halloween for a coven gathering. It boosts magic. Casting spells will be fascinating, but you may exchange private stories with them to bond (it's important to create strong relationships with your coven). Invite your crew for a beautiful evening of incantations and alchemy.


Get scared by your neighborhood on Halloween. Go on a ghost tour to feel spiritual. The ghost stories with local history and culture will delight you. This will spark your curiosity and imagination. Before leaving, spray on some Florida water and black salt your front door to deter any lurkers.

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