Capricorns are really rather timid despite appearances to the contrary. If they don't know many people at a party, they're likely to keep to themselves. They put on an air of superiority, but they've learned the hard way that being honest may backfire.

The rough exterior of an Aquarius manifests itself in coldness, distance, and a lack of emotional availability. If they can make themselves seem invincible, they won't be attacked. They wish they could relax in social situations without being burdened by their own complicated feelings.

If Aquarius gives off the impression that they are closed off, no one will expect them to listen to their issues or provide assistance. Their impenetrable exterior is evident via their snarky demeanor and craving for privacy.

Virgos meticulously develop a strong persona so that no one can see the soft underbelly they hide behind. In addition to other forms of defense, such as their vast store of information and analytical mind, they also use their tough exterior.

Their critical, judgemental, and harsh demeanor is only a defense mechanism to keep others at far. Despite appearances to the contrary, Virgo really worries much too much about the opinions of others. They are less likely to be damaged by little wrongs if they present a strong front.

People born under the sign of Aries often put on an air of indifference toward everything. However, they do not tolerate emotional pain or treachery under any circumstances. They're not as tough as they seem. Like everyone else, they want for love and devotion, but they are pessimistic about ever receiving it.

The Scorpion is a mysterious creature with a strong appearance. They are less bulletproof than they give themselves credit for. They are dependable and rely on others to be the same, yet reality often proves them wrong.

To protect themselves from having their vulnerability exploited, Pisces try hard to seem emotionally stable on the outside. They sense a lot of emotions but if they don't have a safe place to release them, they may attempt to bury them and act like they don't notice or care.

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