Here's a rundown of the zodiac's sexiest (and ugliest) signs.

The belief that our personalities and our looks are shaped by our zodiac signs is centuries old. While the notion is contentious and challenged by many, many nonetheless find it intriguing to discuss and study. The most attractive zodiac signs are listed below, starting with the least appealing.


Those born under the sign of Aries aren't shy about asking for what they want when it comes to the bedroom. Many find them sexually attractive since they are risk takers who aren't scared to try anything new.


The sensuality of a Taurus is tempered by their stubbornness and egotism, yet they are sensuous and like physical contact. Because of their obstinacy, they often find themselves in sexually unsatisfying ruts.

Geminis are adventurous souls that like the chance to try something new and enjoy the thrill of competition. Once committed, however, they make wonderful companions despite the fact that they are sometimes rather demanding at first.



To sum it up, Cancers are sensitive, kind, and very sensual people. They have a way of making their lovers feel wanted and appreciated, and many find them quite attractive as a result.


Those born under the Leo sun sign are often extroverted, charming, and secure in their own skin. They have tremendous sexual allure and know how to ratchet up the heat.


Once Virgos feel safe with their relationships, they blossom into fairly sexy people who are also pleasant and daring. However, their attractive qualities are sometimes undermined by their obsession with detail and the pursuit of perfection.


Librans are imaginative and enthusiastic, yet they can get overly attached to their relationships if they let their emotions get the better of them. Some individuals may find them less desirable because of how desperately they need to maintain a sense of equilibrium and affection.


Because of their extraordinary capacity for sticking with a task until it's done, people born under this sign aren't as thrilled by short-term wins as they are by the gradual, methodical success that comes from careful planning.


Sagittarians have a zest for life and a desire to see the world. This quality extends to their sexual life as well as the rest of their lives. A relationship with a Sagittarius will be passionate and interesting.


Capricorns are selective in the partners they chose and slow to develop romantic feelings. As a result, it's difficult for them to flaunt their sexual prowess, and they don't even come close to making the cut for the sexiest zodiac signs.


Individuals born under the Aquarius sun sign are not ugly, but they are shy and slow to open up to their relationships. Because of this, they have trouble showing off their sexual side, which may make them appear less attractive to some.


Dreamy, sentimental, and extremely sexual, Pisceans are a dream to be around. They are confident in their ability to please their lovers and aren't hesitant to give in to their wildest desires.

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