Your powerful ram star sign doesn't sugarcoat your feelings. Your anger is quick, yet your bluntness may hurt.

Tauruses start cold. Miss this and you may be silenced until you take responsibility for your perceived wrongdoings.

Conversational Geminis deal with rage. Sudden outbursts and emotional meltdowns let you express yourself, which may scare people.

They release their wrath, but you want tranquility. Face your emotions or they may flood your micro-aggressions.

Leos are impatient with life counsel and directives. While you forgive readily, owning your actions helps.

Leos don't have much patience for life advice or instructions. While you are quick to forgive, it does good to take responsibility for your acts.

Those who abhor combat may be reliving it. Recognizing pent-up emotions helps avoid lash outs when moving forward.

Scorpios wrath. You ignore people attempting to get a rise out of you but not familial abuse.

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