How Each Sign in the Zodiac Copes with Loss of Love


The show made me think about how each zodiac sign handles grief and heartache, which most of us encounter. People of all signs know what it's like to be lovelorn and recovering from a disastrous relationship. Libra bounces back swiftly, but Gemini messages you about the breakup.


Aries can have severe issues with impulsivity, especially when tempers flare. They will burn bridges with an ex and express everything on their mind, which can be harsh and cruel, to soothe their grief. You should let them go since they rarely regret what they say in the moment.

Time cures all Bull wounds. A new split will shock them. If Taurus practices self-care (yoga, massages, relaxation), they will feel better in a few weeks. Slowly, they'll move past their sadness and discover delight with someone greater than their ex.



Conversation and constant communication cure Mercurial Gemini. Texts, emails, and DMs flood in when they can't express themselves. The constant stream of communications about the romance will make Gemini feel better but plunge their ex into a never-ending emotional whirlpool.


Your Cancer ex is partying hard to keep their life going (like the waves of the ocean) even while they're sobbing within. Of course, this comes after they've seen every Netflix rom-com and gone through 12 boxes of Kleenex gazing at old relationship photos.


Leos respond differently after breakups depending on how they ended. If they're the dumpee, the boastful lion will tell anybody who believes them about their ex. Alternatively, if Leo was the dumper, they'd post thirst traps on social media to flaunt their singledom.


Virgos will first strive to work on their conduct and perspective after the separation. Should they feel gaslighted by their ex's answers throughout the breakup, they may seek retribution. Virgos give long emotional texts and then “block.” Every now and again, they'll return.


Your Libra ex-boyfriend probably started dating again weeks after the split. FYI: They may have been cultivating this friendship weeks before the deal was finalized. Libras dislike being single, therefore they rebound in a stable relationship to escape dating and love issues.


Scorpios must entirely shut their ex out of their lives to move on. They'll have a three-month no-contact restriction after pleading with their ex to stay. Scorpios will remove their phone numbers and social media accounts after the relationship to avoid grief.


After a few weeks of profound meditation, the sea-goat will get over the relationship failure. You may expect them to share faked selfies of their nights out with pals or amazing accomplishments to make their ex envious. Capricorns think living well is the finest retribution.


Aquarius will friendzone you after the breakup (although they may hook up later). The water-bearer has a glass heart and hides their feelings, so they'll wish to put the past behind them and be friends in the next phase of your relationship. “Are you ready?”


Pisces swim straight away after huge drama. Though they seldom express it, these delicate fishies have profound sentiments. Instead of fighting with their partner, they will cry and recover at home. After crying, kids want to have fun with friends and move on.

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