Dating a fire sign may be exciting, but as the excitement wears off, your partner might have difficulty exercising your control over all the preparations.

To prevent drama, you may hold your mouth to avoid hurting your spouse. However, those annoying sensations of anger may grow and lead to a confrontation your spouse may never see coming until you discover methods to express yourself constructively.

The gregarious butterfly of the zodiac wheel, Geminis sometimes mistakenly follow the grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side-of-the-fence mindset.

You adore love, which is great, but your all-in relationship may lead to co-dependency and identity loss. If your likes, dislikes, and preferences have suddenly centered on one person,

The zodiac drama queen, you don't seek attention—it follows you. Your fame might make your companion feel overlooked. While you are faithful, it helps your spouse shine in the relationship.

You don't want attention, Cancer, but it finds you. Your friend might feel unappreciated if you become famous. Being loyal to your partner brings out the best in them.

Your lovers may be bewildered by your hot-and-cold demeanor, but they may not realize that your inner peacemaker doesn't enjoy conflict.

Your extremes mean you go all out for your loved ones, but they also make it hard to disagree in a relationship. This all-or-nothing attitude may stifle your partner's voice in a relationship

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