Identify the kind of music that aligns with particular astrological indication.


Aries appear hostile, yet they're daring, independent, and lively. Hip-hop and rap musicians have diverse meanings and take chances with their sounds. Aries are like this music—they don't hesitate to follow their passion and stay loyal to themselves.


Taurus is reliable. Devoted to their partner, they're reliable and grounded. Like a Taurus, Country music is rigid, thus most songs sound the same. However, country music is reliable and has existed for years. You can always count on it for a sweet-talking country accent and light melody to get you through your next heartbreak.

Alternative is an enigmatic genre. This is for innovative in-betweens with deep words and various tunes. Like Geminis, it's unpredictable, lively, and attractive.



Cancers think deeply, are secretive, and want attention. They like helping others and supporting their loved ones. Jazz and blues are also intricate. Dark, loving, and lively—it's like everything in one. Like a Taurus, it's hard to figure out but worth the wait, so listen.


Leos are gregarious and pleasant, yet they love attention. Pop music resembles this. It attracts many listeners, yet it dominates the radio, hence its full term, “Popular Music”. Pop music is fun, and Leos are always fun!


Intelligent Virgos become lost in their own thoughts. Their smarts might make them seem pompous or critical because they over-analyze themselves and others. Hard Rock is comparable in that it's harsh yet has wonderful lyrics and powerful emotion.


Libras are the most sensible. Balanced and gregarious, they are easy to get along with and offer decent advise in challenging times. Reggae often pairs beautiful words with a laid-back tempo. Most people admire its cool temperament; like a Libra, it can unite and raise people up.


Scorpios exclaim Oldies Rock N' Roll like no other. Both this song and Scorpios are appealing despite their badassery!


Sagittariuses are usually optimistic and can brighten a space. They derive their energy from others and are humorous and gregarious. Most musical theater CDs conclude with a pleasant boost. In theater, you perform for the audience and absorb their energy, like a Sagittarius.


Classy classical music matches Capricorns' elegance. Capricorns and this type of music deliberately prepare their next beat to live in harmony. Classical music moves audiences with each new masterpiece, and Capricorns are dedicated to their loved ones despite their solemn appearance.


A unique personality, Aquariuses are open to new experiences. The numerous subgenres of EDM change the speed of the music and are receptive to new ideas. They are creative and rebellious.


Pisces can be temperamental and oversensitive. They are emotional and deliberate before making judgments. They are artistic, passionate, and original due to their profound thinking. Due to its poetic lyrics, singer/songwriter music is considered sensitive and meaningful. Similar to this sign, singer/songwriter music is driven by emotions yet is whimsical and informative if you listen.

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