You are losing weight everywhere except your stomach for these 5 reasons.

First and foremost, weight reduction cannot be localized. Gradual weight reduction gradually reduces abdominal fat.

Most nutritionists advise against dropping more than two pounds per week without medical supervision. Weight loss time depends on current weight. Weight loss is quicker for those with greater body fat.

However, removing one pound of fat requires 3,500 calories. Losing two pounds is 7,000 calories. That may seem like a massive number, but it can be broken down into smaller hills.

Several factors cause belly fat to build and not decrease. These barriers may be preventing you from losing your belly bulge.

"Coconut oil melted belly fat," "A low-fat diet burns belly fat fast," and "Soluble fiber targets stubborn fat." With so much health information, it's impossible to tell which diets work.

Every exercise is better than none. Sometimes people overeat because they believe they worked out harder than they did.

Do not ruin a workout with numerous scoops of ice cream. A high-protein snack with a healthy carbohydrate is ideal refueling.

Stress may harm the body psychologically and physically. The body reserves fuel, slows metabolism, and releases toxic substances amid extreme stress.

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