Implications for You of the Final Lunar Eclipse of a Transformative Series and Scorpio Season

As the Scorpio season begins, its tremendous energy ushers in a period of intense self-reflection and change. It coincides with the natural change from day to night and the falling of the leaves.


The eclipse challenges Aries to strike a balance between individual wants and the community's demands in terms of money, values, and other resources. It also encourages them to look for new ways to make money.


Changes that have been occurring for Taurus over the previous two years reach their climax with this eclipse. It's a useful reminder to keep one's priorities straight in the face of the pressures of interpersonal connections.

The twelfth house, associated with religion, philosophy, and the unconscious, is brought into emphasis by the moon eclipse. Possible benefits include illuminating latent problems or addictions and motivating the pursuit of improvement.



The future, friendships, and groups are all highlighted by this eclipse. It forces Cancer to find a middle ground between expressing themselves and pandering to others, which might help them avoid burnout.


Leo's professional life, legacy, and reputation are all under the limelight during the eclipse. The axiom of survival is the harmony between one's private and professional lives.


The ninth house of Virgo is illuminated by the lunar eclipse, prompting a review of core values and long-term objectives. It's a call to abandon rigid beliefs and adopt open minds.


Libra is struggling with questions of power, self-worth, and shared resources after a significant solar eclipse. It encourages Libra to recognize and assert their own worth.


The moon eclipse in the seventh house of relationships, which is influenced by the abundance of planetary energy in Scorpio, highlights the need of striking a balance between one's own demands and those of one's partner(s). Now is the moment to let your guard down and work together with others.


The lunar eclipse for Sagittarius occurs in the sign's sixth house of health, work, and routines. The need for a healthy equilibrium between self-interest and altruism is emphasized.


Pleasure, artistic expression, and interpersonal ties are all highlighted by the eclipse in the fifth house. Capricorn has to strike a balance between being one's true self and connecting with others.


This lunar eclipse occurs in the fourth house of Aquarius, which deals with matters of the heart and home. Aquarius is encouraged to evaluate their priorities and put themselves first.


The moon eclipse in Pisces highlights issues of expression, knowledge, and conversation. Pisces are inspired to make learning more exciting and interesting, perhaps even making the leap from student to teacher.

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