In terms of astrological sign, which of the following medical specialization do you align yourself?

I investigated the pros and cons of each sun sign from over 26 “verified” and “genuine” websites and compared them to global specializations. Here's a fun and perhaps beneficial zodiac sign match.   (+) represents favorable traits, (-) negative ones.


Your dedication and our interest in the topic would help you succeed. You want to test novel treatments, not just the old ones. Knowing you're good and ambitious makes you demand much from others. Basically, you're frustrated because not everyone is excellent.


Your stability is great. You carefully consider your choices and dislike being influenced. You work patiently and follow the plan. Your comments calm patients, so they always return.

Work long hours or party after hours. If you have nice company, you can play even when fatigued! You're the underdog. You learn by observation. You listen patiently. Your lovely personality and communication abilities help your practice.



You're knowledgeable. Think and ponder before deciding. You become connected to things slowly and find it hard to let go. It depends on your mood. Your job decisions are typically on a see-saw due to this. Depends on patient cooperation and recuperation. Look for things that allow you be.


You enjoy being the boss. Like being followed. You're popular for good and bad reasons. You're admired and envied. You appreciate organizing and being heard. You like discipline and planning.


You work hard and concentrate. Top performance is your thing. You humblely accept attention. Ironical? Yes, you are! You demand much from yourself and others. Excellent ethics and professionalism. You prepare ahead of time and have backups. However, you value first touch.


Play safe. You make the worst news bearable with your charm. You like luxury and better things because you think you earned it. You want results. You avoid stress.


You are personable and knowledgeable. You get repeat patients because you listen well. Your empathy is good. Your planning is poor. You know what you want, which is important. You leave a lasting impact.


There's positivity everywhere. Even on the cloudiest days, you have a new, brilliant, sunny day. You're free-spirited and like helping others. People take advantage of you, but you recover. Your directness might damage others.


Don't let emotions interfere. You think rationally and don't invest in high-risk situations. You work carefully. You just work in your comfort zone and shun new things. You prefer teamwork to independence.


You seem personable and helpful. You're resilient. This helps you handle bad situations. Do what you firmly believe in. You think rationally and empirically. Your views are strong.


Believed to have qualities from all signs, you enjoy too many things and desire to be everything. Your future is uncertain, yet you plan ahead. You typically follow your instincts and succeed. Because you ‘feel’ like it, you don't mind trying new things.

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