LIMITS IN RELATIONSHIPS VARY based on one's astrological sign.

Mercury rules action and motivation, so your inner fire fuels all you accomplish. If you don't want the spark to go out, sit down and set your limits early in the relationship to prevent feeling stifled.

Earth signs are more realistic and anchored in love. If you haven't worked on your self-esteem, you may need your spouse to validate it. Before loving others, love yourself to prevent co-dependence.

Your spontaneity means you enjoy it when your boyfriend surprises you with a new date place or breakfast in bed, but if the relationship seems pressured, you may lose focus.

You adore extravagant gestures and shows of affection as one of the zodiac's most emotionally sensitive signs. However, your all-in love might blur such distinctions when you put others' pleasure before your own.

The world is wonderful when a Leo falls in love, but your inclination to put others on a pedestal may lead to disappointment when they don't meet your expectations.

For Virgo, actions speak louder than words, and your connection with Mercury makes it easy to communicate limits in relationships. You may also wish to know your partner's needs to ensure the relationship meets their emotional needs.

You like a partner who matches your emotional and intellectual speed, but your people-pleaser side may lead you to overcommit, particularly in the beginning of a new relationship.

You prioritize emotional connection and don't allow others in lightly, but once they've won your confidence, you go all-in, even if it means overstepping boundaries.

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