Listed Zodiac Signs Depicting the Negative and The majority Malevolent

We'll rank the worst Zodiac signs from worst to best on a scale from one to twelve, the number of signs in the zodiac. That's exactly accurate. Direct acts of judgment.


Because Aries is so bright, they justify their cruelty with knowledge, and man, do they ever stink. The fact that they are so gifted at being cruel is much to blame.


Ugh, Taurus stinks because they won't do anything except what they want to do, and if they do compromise to do you a favor, you'd better be prepared to hear all about the pain they're in.

The plus side? They can adjust to any situation. Unbelievably malleable, in fact. They are ready to take on any challenge that life presents.



Don't count on things going well while Cancer is around; they're only content when they're whining.


Leos are ultimate backstabbers; their suck tactics will send your mind spinning. They'll be the ones to break the news to you first, and it'll be upsetting, but it'll be for your own good: they're only "teaching you a lesson."


I'm sorry to say it, but many Virgos are just plain awful. Give them the opportunity to criticize someone, and they will jump at the chance, even if it means hurting someone or playing with their feelings. Sadly, they wreak havoc on people's psyches.


They may be useful while remodeling since they have an eye for neatness and beauty.


A Scorpion's worst moments are ones they thoroughly appreciate. They like feeling your suffering, and the more of it, the better. Their willingness to be the careless hit-and-run motorist who laughs off the crime scene is another evidence of their willingness to inflict harm on others.


The worst thing about Sagittarians is that they care exclusively about themselves. Unless provoked, a Sagittarius won't intentionally try to cause trouble for you.


You'd be quite lucky indeed to discover a day when Capricorn isn't terrible. The distance between you and this judge will be enormous. The worst part about being around a Capricorn is listening to them rant about how terrible you are. They're bad at what they do because it's what they do.


Aquarius are masters of betrayal and infidelity, and they know just how to leave a person high and dry. Avoid unless absolutely necessary.


Pisces are whiny martyrs who never stop hogging the spotlight, and you have to watch them make a fool of themselves.

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