Nail Style for the Season, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Summer brings bright colors, flowers, and exciting patterns before fall's comfort. Let your zodiac sign help you finish summer with a bang with your manicure.


This gorgeous red and white gingham design nail art will make Aries nostalgic for their childhood and motivate them to have fun this summer. They'll recall how much they enjoyed summer holidays as kids and strive to recreate it in the season.


Anyone who understands Taurus knows they're romantics. They should paint their nails with a meaningful message like love. It will inspire the Bull to restart a relationship and meet someone fresh.

Gemini is associated with lemons and yellow. More motivation for Mercurials to wear this fantastic nail design. They'll create lemonade quickly and have the greatest summer ever.



The sensitive sign will start summer with a lavender foundation and pastel blossoms.


Leos enjoy colorful claws. As one of the zodiac's most dramatic and bold signs, Their dazzling design will garner them the attention and affection they want when seen around town.


Although Virgo is controlled by dynamic Mercury, they are not thrill-seekers, thus they should wear elegant nails. The earthy and practical sign should wear this large yet basic floral design on their nails today.


Libras prefer pleasant life. Strawberry-topped French manicures are the sweetest. This will satisfy their summertime cravings and make them feel like they can relax at the beach.


Scorpios enjoy the dark side. They also have a fun-spirited side that shows in the summer. Additionally, beautiful neon nails will make the scorpion feel noticed and heard.


Sagittarius embraces many areas of life, so they'll adore this sleek, multi-energy appearance. Mutables will realize their nail art reflects their inner selves. This will be Sagittarius's new year-round nail decor.


Capricorns adore trendy nail art. More motivation for the sea-goat to flaunt this luxurious appearance all summer. Office elegance meets beachwear fun. Also, the vibrant colors will beautify their nails.


Aquarius is the zodiac's pioneer. The water-bearer will love this celestial design that combines beauty with astrology. During the summer, the unusual and free-spirited air sign will be inspired to take big chances by the ombré hues.


Pisces loves romance. The water sign's love instincts and sentiments will be enhanced by this beautiful blue foundation with gold accents. It may even motivate them to date someone new or their partner.

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