"One That Got Away" Symbolized for Each of the Cardinal Element


What will interest Aries is hard to predict. You enjoy leading and initiating, yet people often think you never challenge yourself. Even if you don't want to disagree, someone who challenges you is noteworthy. You knew you gained from their resistance. Feel it without strain.


Taurus is stubborn yet smart. Think you know best and have tunnel vision about your preferences and comfort zones? Bullyed defense is sometimes needed. I think of your partnerships' confident, determined person. You must sometimes agree. Wants differed between you. You made good choices, but you wonder how they did.

Gemini, your life has been a balance between exploring and being constant, especially in relationships. One individual wanted to develop something with you and kept steady when you were all over the place. They departed because you felt too limited by one person, but you wonder what may have been if you had given them a chance.



Cancer, you think love implies enmeshment. With someone, you want to spend a lot of time together, be close, and feel like soulmates. You swore off unattached, avoidant folks after your encounter. One individual was in the healthy middle ground—they wanted you unconditionally but also needed their space and to be themselves.


People say your ego restricts relationships, but it depends on whether they want to help or compete. The person you keep thinking about valued you over your accomplishments. You think you chose well. Keep your achievements and pride in mind. Sometimes it appears like others just care about your successes and profits, so you question whether they helped.


Virgo, you value practicality above words and flowers. This is good to remember, although romancers can be skeptical. It appears too good to be true and not “real,” like the one who escaped. You wanted to stay still as they tried to sweep you off your feet. Thinking back, you wonder whether you were too harsh. 


We all desire honesty in relationships, but there was a time when you just accepted what you wanted to hear, even if it was false. You knew what you deserved, but you opted for those who said they would provide it to you instead of being honest. The one who escaped was honest, even if it was hard to hear.


Scorpio, is admitting people hard? It's hard to fall in love without restrictions. You act tough to impress possible partners. Someone tried to assist when you felt like the world was falling apart. It was hard to believe they didn't want to play or win. You rejected them too often, yet sometimes you'll wonder whether you should have.


Sag, you will fight for independence at any costs. Always wished someone who understood your choice for isolation above captivity. You could explore the environment and your possibilities, but they waited until you selected. They chose someone you liked despite your transgression. With good wishes, you sometimes regret not following them sooner.


Respect is crucial in partnerships, Capricorn. You've wanted your partners to know and support your major ambitions for years. Some didn't understand, and others may have overestimated your work ethic's rewards. Someone invested in you, not just your goals. Anyway, they wanted you to know they backed you.


You doubt partnerships will work, Aquarius. Your particular self-sabotage may make it hard to connect. Someone did. From friendship, they knew you. When things got serious, you felt comfortable with this person but worried it was too good to be true. You knew everything would fall apart, so you fled.


Pisces, you roll your eyes at monotonous, predictable relationships. Dream of a lifetime romantic adventure! You desire huge gestures, big sentiments, and big ambitions of an exciting life together. You rejected realistic folks because what was the purpose if you weren't obsessed? But you're older and wiser.

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