Optimal Self-Care Methods Predicated on Your Zodiac Sign

Stress, suffering. Fear is common with vitality. Taking care of yourself reduces anxiety. Reduce stress, but be specific. Learn your zodiac sign's finest self-care. We're all unique and deserve the best in these challenging times.


Meditation with blue lace agate, rose quartz, amethyst, and labradorite can soothe you. Breathing in and out with these crystals around your body will help you live in the now. Need meditation aid? Use an app to guide.


Self-care is your thing—you indulge your body and senses. Body creams, rose water spray, and face masks enhance your opulent lifestyle. You'll feel more grounded and connected.

As a social butterfly, you easily get caught up in others' drama. Therefore, you must detach from social media this week. Log off and read for self-care. Avoid IG FOMO! Social distance is standard.



Enjoy your cake and eat it too! Bake your favorite delicacies like a pastry master. Try Alison Roman dishes (have you prepared The Stew?) if you don't like desserts. Helping in the kitchen clears your thoughts so you can focus.


Dance as if no one is looking (but you wish they were). Make a playlist of your favorite songs and dance to their calming lyrics. This will open your sacral chakra, which holds a lot of worry and emotional tension.


Your analytical mind might go overtime, occupying your head with various concepts without a break. Do not disregard your thoughts! Write them down on paper. Journaling helps you release emotions and relax.


Life may throw you off balance, which is your worst dread. Too many commitments might tip the balances. Stretching centers your body and mind, restoring balance. Get out of your brain with light yoga. Libra, spread your mat and do downward dog.


Stay “in the know.” That emotion can hurt. Info overload generates stress and anxiety. Binge-watch a funny Netflix show instead of searching Google or Twitter for news. Rest your phone for a few hours. Texts await. Avoid overthinking.


Always be “in the know.” However, that emotion can hurt you. Information overload causes undue tension and worry. Instead than checking Google or Twitter for news, binge-watch a humorous Netflix comedy. Put down your phone for a few hours. Texts await. Avoid mental overload.


You like working hard at anything. School troubles follow home. Outside noises at night may keep you up. Before bed, relax or sip herbal tea to reduce tension. Every night, take 15 minutes for yourself. The appearance is up to you, but avoid technology to reduce tension.


Although pleasant, alone is not ideal. Be vocal about your tension. Call your buddies and team. Study with classmates using Facetime. Many people feel alone, so venting may help. You'll bond emotionally because many are locked up.


Most of the time, you absorb others' energy, which might cause outside worry. Try a Himalayan or Epsom salt bath to relieve this. After a detoxifying bath, your body will relax. A bath is a terrific way to unwind and prepare for sleep. 

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