Planning for long-term care and death 

Making a Plan for Death:

Advance Directives: Have a living will and healthcare power of attorney that state your end-of-life care wishes, including resuscitation, life-sustaining therapies, and organ donation.

Research hospice care and consider your end-of-life care wishes. Hospice provides compassionate pain management and emotional support to terminally ill patients.

Plan your funeral and burial in advance. Please specify funeral services, burial or cremation, and specific desires.

Legal documents: Update your will, estate plan, and other legal documents to reflect your current preferences. Check insurance and retirement beneficiaries.

Manage your digital assets, including social networking and online financial accounts. Give a trusted individual access and instructions.

Financial Matters: Manage your finances and inform your family about your investments, debts, and accounts.

Legacy Planning: Plan your legacy. You could write letters to loved ones, film videos, or write a memoir to share your insights.

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