Ranked are the most avaricious astrological signs.


Aries may appear formidable, yet their hearts require love and care. However, Aries are devoted and protective of their loved ones. They will defend those they love, even at great cost. Aries will give as much as they receive to maintain relationships, despite their desire for attention.


Taurus are sensitive and tender despite their rugged exterior. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and crave relationship reassurance. Taureans also appreciate luxury. The materialistic ones may be jealous of others' possessions. In partnerships, be aware of their need for security and stability.

Geminis seldom envy. Self-driven, they seek success without seizing it. Geminis let relationships happen to avoid pressing them. Their laid-back demeanor makes them indifferent. Geminis possess confidence and rarely envy. Independence, optimism, and process trust trump outside threats.



Cancers are faithful and committed spouses, but they need a mate who is too. They want to know their love connections are sheltered from outside influences. Their instinct is to overprotect and avoid discomfort. Cancers appear tough but have a soft heart that requires love, care, and compassion. They have trust difficulties, thus they may be suspicious even when nothing is wrong.


Leos are independent, yet they require affection and appreciation. They need approval and might grow envious if someone takes it from them. Despite their arrogance, Leos desire to be respected, loved, and appreciated.


People's abilities and triumphs might make Virgos envious. A coworker or friend achieving a goal might make someone feel uneasy. Virgos are legendary perfectionists who constantly aim for excellence. Even so, Virgos sense jealously when someone excels them naturally.


Libras like to be loved and accepted by everyone, thus they might get jealous if someone steals their limelight. Libras appear calm, yet their emotions are strong. They require plenty of reinforcement to be secure in relationships since they are sensitive. Libras attempt to keep jealousy in check and avoid letting it affect their relationships.


Scorpios are very protective of their loved ones yet may be envious. If you're dating someone under this sign, create trust and don't allow them rule you.


Sagittarians may envy others' independence if they believe theirs is being jeopardized. They are inherently autonomous and don't enjoy being confined. They want to see the world, therefore envy might arise when someone else obtains what they want. People are jealous of Sagittarians more than others because of their free-spiritedness and adventure.


Capricorn ranks ninth in jealousy. People born under this sign are ambitious and diligent. Due to their self-control, they rarely sweat the minor stuff. Capricorns are productive and prioritize their professions above envy.


Jealousy seldom affects Aquarians. They want to relax and pursue their own goals without competing with others. Aquarians wish someone success when they achieve their goals instead than being envious. In general, Aquarians are progressive and don't envy others. They believe in uplifting, not demeaning.


Pisces are easily upset by criticism or getting what they want. Pisces are compassionate, generous, and rarely envious. They focus on the wonderful things in life and let others have what they desire without envy.

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