Relationship-Needy Astrological Signs vs. Those Who Thrive on Their Solitude


Aries fall in love quickly and lose interest soon. They may be better off single due to this predisposition. Aries are motivated and change until they discover the right partner for life. However, until they discover the one who satisfies all their needs and respects their independence, they are content to focus on themselves.


Taurus craves connection and comfort, thus being single makes them lonely. A relationship provides them someone who listens and companionship beyond friendship, despite their goal-oriented nature. The Bull, stubborn and independent, wants to be with someone who brings beauty and stability to their environment.

The sociable Gemini may feel lonely. Even with a huge gathering, the Twins prefer romance over friends because it provides greater attention and connection. Geminis are lonely and miserable, so they commit because they always have someone to talk to. They may dislike being single, yet a strong social network or regular dating may offer delight.



Cancers like singlehood and partnerships. Caring folks adore throwing parties and assisting. Cancers feel comfortable spending time alone at home. The sensitive may retreat when harmed. Cancer patients need a supportive spouse, but they're rare. Cancerians are sensitive to relationships and may stay unmarried to avoid hurt.


Leos like being in a relationship because they want attention and admiration. To boost their egos, Leos seek approval from others. Thus, the Lion usually has a broad social circle and a spouse who likes their appearance and personality. Because being single entails less attention, many stay with relationships to feel worthy.


A Virgo values independence and solitude. Structure and responsibility make them compulsive. Occasionally socialize, but value privacy. Isolation and high standards make Virgos difficult romantic partners. If their partner never matches their expectations, they may prefer solitude.


Libras love people and socializing. They prefer alone, yet extended isolation can cause sadness. They seek out social events and make numerous acquaintances to prove their charm and hunt for romantic partners while single. Libras strive to form strong relationships to maintain the love and attention they seek.


Scorpios love company but will dance alone. Scorpios—the most introspective sign—think about themselves. They like learning about their partner and developing their relationship if someone intrigues them. If the connection is fake or their privacy is at risk, they will attend alone.


Sagittarians are obstinate and independent. While loyal and quick to develop bonds, they also like adventure and excitement. They may want their spouse to go on adventures with them and prefer energetic, enthusiastic mates. If a partner falls short, a Sagittarius would rather hunt than live a “boring” life with someone who cannot meet them.


Capricorns are depressed and lonely. In employment, they may desire social interaction or alone time. Even when alone, people require interaction to avoid loneliness. The Goat requires a supportive partner, especially one who knows their work ethic and aspirations, to help them succeed without sadness. 


Aquariuses prefer relationships to singlehood because they like sharing knowledge. They crave alone yet want to volunteer, communicate, and improve. Aquarius' assurance may be intimidating, therefore they like seclusion. To understand them, this sign demands a unique relationship with an inspiration.


Pisces may choose singlehood for self-preservation yet find joy in relationships. Pisces are sensitive and inventive. As homebodies, they like spending time alone in their fantasy world, but as hopeless romantics, they sometimes desire interaction. After receiving enough approval from others, they generally escape into solitude, making them flaky partners who favor singledom.

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