See if your zodiac sign can predict when you'll finally meet the one.

Have you pondered when you'll find your soulmate? Vedic astrology suggests your zodiac sign may indicate when this wonderful encounter will occur. When planets favor a birth chart, Dasha, and transit, one might meet their soulmate. 


Aries act quickly and impulsively. They find their love between 22 and 28. Their marriage is bad. They don't like long stays. Aries are direct and uncaring. Their romances are abrupt. Their marriages constantly have issues.


Taurus rule and resist. Between 30 and 32, they find their partner. Practical, successful, and reliable. They are patient, persistent, and resilient. Taureans are loyal companions. Their marriage is good.

Geminis experience mood swings and split personalities. Restless, diplomatic, and ambitious. They flirt and have affairs by nature. They find their love between 27 and 32. They have marital issues due to their temperament.



Their emotions are strong and they love their home and family. Now you can predict their marriage. Their soulmate appears in their 20s. Hard labor helps this zodiac sign's people succeed.


Leos radiate compassion, generosity, honesty, clarity, and authority. Pride and money luck characterize them. They are possessive, passionate, and faithful lovers. They need love, but their stubbornness prevents it. They find their love between 27 and 30.


Virgos are known for their keen intellect. They are not easily impressed or fooled. Between the ages of 24 and 28, people often meet their lifelong partner. They have a very standard marriage.


Libras consider and act decisively. Their instincts and insight are excellent. They have many acquaintances and pals. They find their love between 26 and 31. They seldom enjoy their marriage.


Scorpions are driven and independent. They're magnetic and adaptable. They find their love between 25 and 30. They are demanding sexually and dogmatically dominant at home. Their marriage is usually troubled.


They are impetuous, energetic, and driven. Because they speak up, they make enemies. Friendly and sociable. They find their love between 27 and 30. They often married at the last minute and are unhappy.


They behave independently, intellectually powerful, and determined. In addition to working, they think. They are sometimes misconstrued due to their moodiness. They find their love between 22 and 26. The family is frequently troubled.


Aquarians are very sensitive and easily hurt. They regularly make mistakes and say or do things they regret. Though friendly, they are lonely. They find their love between 27 and 30. Their marriage is miserable.


They are kind, generous, and compassionate. If trusted, they are faithful to friends and potential partners. They excel in all roles. At 20, they find their partner and marry well.

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